Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)

 Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)
Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Florida, USA

The Divine Justice

The Central Cosmic Core — God — in Its immense power and infinite wisdom, Him/Her/It him/her/itself fruit of millions, of billions of micro particles and each one containing Its own vibratory tonus, personal, individual and Its peculiar magnetic radiation, after billions of years for Its agglutination and, therefore, for Its intelligent formation, began Its propagation within Itself to the universal vastness of all undulatory and vibratory particles, respective to the peculiarity of each “habitat” and Its interior and exterior, Its “inhabitants,” ranging from the micro atoms of physical matter, visible, or condensed energy in the third dimension, passing through the Elements and their respective Elementals to the intelligent spark of the crudest human being and humanoid, in conformity to each respective “habitat”, its Suns and Planets, Galaxies and Quasars (Black Holes), nebulas and other components of the visible (Sidereal) and invisible (Cosmic) Universe.

These magnetized particles came forming the radioactive magnetic fields, resulting in the stimulation and the generation of the Light of the Galaxies and their billions of Suns and planets, also resulting in the isolation and grouping of their cells and, therefore, gave birth, or sprout, the Absolute Vacuum between the stellar bodies. Therefore, each Galactic grouping, each Solar System, each Planet and even the Quasars (Black Holes), by its own movement, systole and diastole, magnetic attraction and repulsion, negative and positive, has and always had around itself millions, billions, trillions and even more immeasurable distances of Absolute Vacuum in order to allow the unharmed, free passage of cosmic and magnetic radiation, in addition to the movements of expansion of the galaxies within the Universe, without them shocking with the each other and in continuous and infinite growth.

Therefore, without the existence of empty spaces, which are the belts of vacuums that ensure the turned off passage of radiating light, which rekindles only within each “habitat”, galaxies, suns and planets, there would not be the manifestation of Light and neither would be possible [for] interstellar journeys by interplanetary spaceships moved by magnetic energy. And these are the allied irradiations, or radiations, to the specific vibrations of each body, of each atom or particle within the Cosmic-Sidereal space that come to form or to produce THE COSMIC-SIDEREAL LAWS, THE AKHASHIC RECORDS, THE KHÁRMA, THE DHÁRMA (DESTINY) —THE DIVINE JUSTICE — embracing everything and everyone.

Thus, in this way, the whole Universe came to be magnetized, with its poles, Positive, Neutral and Negative, which will arbitrate upon those that produce light, promote Creation, the harmonisation, the expansion, the knowledge and the like, the possibility to raise their vibratory field, that would be the Posivite ones, that will arbitrate on those that are intermediaries only to facilitate the passage from one field to another. The Absolute Vacumms are the Neutral ones. Even in between the intra-atomic spaces, between the nucleus atom and its electrons, there are the neutrons, or the vacuum, which allows the passage of radiation from the nucleus to the electrons, and this atomic grouping forms the cells and these form a physical body. And these intra-atomic and intracellular radiations produce the physical or human heat in permanent 36.5°C, the same physical-chemistry ration that takes place in the Sun, which is a cold star (already mentioned in the book of this sensitive medium), as well as all the stars are cold Suns; will arbitrate on those who produce the shadows, the darkness, the destruction, the quasars (black holes), the diseases, the imbalances, the disharmony and are the antithesis of light, which are the Negative ones.

Therefore, after this phase of Creation, it was formed a circle, or a cosmic magnetic universal ring, invisible, vibratory giant, I would say, in size and scope, infinite, through which nothing passes or transpasses, when everything is filtered, barred and returned to each one as it was produced, according to Its actions, be It in whichever planet or sun It is within the universe, in any corner or nook, and even in the hidden privacy of Its mind. Everything returns to its producer, in weight, in quantity and intensity in the same proportion to what was produced. Like a gigantic radar, the waves it emits follow its target or reverberate around in the Great Magnetic Universal Ring and return to him/her, bringing in its wave beam all the affinities and animosities, positive, neutral or negative, exactly in the same intensity and proportion was they were produced. That is, there is no way these waves return to catch another radar transmitter, for this was who produced them and is in his/her same syntony. Everything will be unloaded on him/her, both good and evil, in time and in accurate measure. Distinguished only by the type of “habitat” in which he/she lives, that is, if the “habitat” is Earth, or similar to her, where the time of life, or the average life’s length, compared to other orbs, is relatively short, then he/she will be picked up in the next life, as many as necessary for his/her spiritual energy detoxification. Hence the sentence of the terrestrial Master-of- Masters: “Not one leaf shall fall without the Father knowing.” Everything is summed up in vibration, frequency, syntony, with the Main Source, the great universal broadcaster, whose dial (or channels or tracks switch) extends in all frequencies, medium, short, long, ultra short, modulated, from the micro frequency of the human brain as [from] the frequencies of the fauna and flora of any planet to the highest frequency within each universal “habitat” or “inhabitant,” from the center of the universe to the most distant regions of the universal periphery; capturing all of them and simultaneously emitting all of them, regardless of civilization advancements or regressions, neither creed, race, color or preferences, nor nationality and in our case I would say, “neither planetivity.” The name of this broadcaster, or central station of constant and eternal vibration, is CENTRAL COSMIC CORE, more commonly called between the earth beings as God, which has no face, countenance, feature, stature, neither eyes or mouth, nor human or humanoid biotype, It’s a immeasurable COSMIC SUN — A GREAT INTELLIGENT CORE.

This state of objective universal consciousness produces THE ETERNAL PRESENT, nullifying the Past, Present and Future. All that the human being can imagine to invent or create is already invented and created, already exists within the Cosmic Central Core and Its Laws, even the TIME which is universally inviolable and indivisible, is also already created, [and] only manifests itself with the emergence of the Human Intelligence in all the planets and its continued evolutionary progress!

Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Lake City, Florida, USA

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December 21, 2012

Mayan Calendar
Domingos Yezzi, informed by his contacts, makes the following announcement:

December 21, 2012 is only a date in the Mayan Calendar, signifying the END and at the same time the BEGINNING of a new era, which they have already pre-calculated through their mathematicians and oracles, which predicted the extinction of an era of lower thoughts and actions for the appearance of a New Era of great planetary changes, changes in the thoughts and actions of humanity, to be higher, more objective and more mentally and spiritually creative. THAT’S IT!

THERE WILL NOT BE THE END OF THE WORLD, from the astronomic and astrological point of view, but indeed the beginning of a new humanity, which should be less aggressive and belligerent, if there is reasoning on the part of all the rulers of the various terrestrial countries.

The Mayan civilization did not predict its disappearance hundreds of years before that date, therefore, neither the end of its World. The Mayas, therefore, would not predict the End of a civilization that would come thousands of years after them.

Therefore, you can be at ease and do not be swayed by crafty and explorers of public good faith whose profits are from misery and the induction of fear to bring in more and more to their negative proceeds!

DYezzi::.   [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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Where do we come from?

Where do we come from?
Domingos Yezzi explains that God is a nucleus [a central core] emitting rays. One of the emissions is the human spark, it comes from the central core and it’s sprinkled upon the whole universe. He also says that this spark which met with the planet Earth was formed with its body according to the habitat of planet Earth.

Texto Original em Português-Brasileiro: Domingos Yezzi explica que Deus é um núcleo emissor de raios. Uma das emissões é a centelha humana, ela vem do núcleo e é espargida por todo universo. Ele também diz que essa centelha que se encontrou com o planeta Terra formou-se com o corpinho conforme o habitat do planeta Terra.

Diferenças de escrita dos Extraterrestres

Diferenças de escrita dos Extraterrestres

As diferenças de escrita original entre habitantes de alguns planetas do nosso sistema solar vão aqui a título de ilustração e ao mesmo tempo para poder proporcionar aos estudiosos de línguas e escritas um pouco do material inédito que conseguimos captar no decorrer de nossas pesquisas durante todos esses anos de trabalho. Talvez os grafologistas, os peritos possam trazer algo mais para o nosso conhecimento. Foram captadas por C . A. Yezzi, nossa saudosa esposa.

Alien Writings

Tradução em Português-Brasileiro

Todo Homem mesmo o mais humilde tem dentro de si algo a oferecer a humanidade e ao Universo. Cabe portanto aos espíritos de ideais mais lúcidos o dever de acordar as mentes destes humildes com ações e ensinamentos. O homem é o instrumento do Universo. Por isso, nós seres de civilizações extraterrestres estamos dispostos a tudo fazer para chegarmos até vós.

~ Traduzido por C . A. Yezzi

American-English Translation

“Every man, even the most humble, has within himself something to offer to humanity and the Universe. It is therefore, to the spirits of more lucid ideals, the duty to wake up the minds of these humble ones with actions and teachings. Man is the instrument of the Universe.  Therefore, we, beings of extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to do everything to get to you.”

~ Translated by Christina C. Breault

Planetary Transformation

Planetary Transformation


“Hello dear Domingos Yezzi, how are you doing? I finished your book… Do you have time to answer me a question? … I have read from a lady that channels Ramtha who is a person that speaks of a being that is a warrior of Atlantis and said that our planet is going to give a twist that will rotate in the opposite direction, the change of poles, but will be before the days of darkness; [he] also speaks that we have to gather food; I believe that for the people that are not well informed this makes us think a thousand things… are these beings of light from the galactic federation? You know many things that I don’t know so I hope you can tell me what have to be done because something tells me that this change is near, how are these people?… are we going to die at the passage of this dimension? To meditate I know is very good but will this help us to die well? I send you all my affection, your friend, Elsa.”


“Yes, these beings are true. See page 47, chapter 13 of my book “What the Extraterrestrials Think About and Expect from Us“. There you will read a message from one of them to me.

Our planet will go through a great transformation, a radical transformation. The ETs fear what you mentioned happens, as if it happens there will be nothing left on the face of the Earth, nonetheless, in spite of their fears, they don’t think it will happen, but indeed a verticalisation of of Earth’s axis which currently is tilted at 24°. This verticalization, which has already begun, will change the face of some continents that will partially be covered by the sea. Of course all populations along the coastal lines of the whole world will have to guard and take some steps, such as, for example, gradually begin moving to inland. But, this will not save them from the events, which, until now, are the rays of the assumptions, of unreality, as with the population in the times of Noah heard of but didn’t believe, only he believed and built his ark. Millions of people lost their life, several continents were submerged, including Lemuria and Atlantis, which will happen again, now in larger scale. But the population, even with all these warnings and modern mechanisms at its disposal, yet will be caught by surprise! There is no way of convincing them with forecasts only, they want facts! They need more hecatombs, more tsunamis, more earthquakes, floods, fires, wars and other “small” things to be convinced. They are arriving. This year something will happen to give the “beginning” in the change of humanity’s thinking.

“If we are all going to die? Who knows? Even if we knew we wouldn’t be believed, we would be indeed injured, despised, disbelieved. Then what to do other than wait, only wait and give continuity to life, to projects, and finally to everything that the world and the moment offer us. Each one of us must take heed of our acts and thoughts, try not to go down to the road of evil, not to acquire toxins of all orders because the addictions, the drugs, the drinking, the debasement of human sentiment, the disaffection for life and for our own kind, are increasing each day. All of this are evidence of a large wreck of humanity, indications of a great expulsion of unhealthy and “weedy” souls to lower orbs known as planetary “prisons” in our solar system where all this chaff will go without appeal to restart again from scratch and remember that one day they lived in a blue paradise, their late planet Earth. This is the current reality. There won’t be special protections, [however] there will be indeed those who alone have built a new vibrational condition for their future bodies.

“Please share by all means that you have at your disposal to those who have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”. To the rest, let them reach their good sense own their own, because there is nothing we can do.”

~ Domingos Yezzi [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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Talking about the End of the World …

Talking about the End of the World ...

Talking again about the so spoken and infamous End of The World I must inform the following to all the readers and humanity in general:

The Planet Earth, as well as the entire Solar System… As I am informed by the Superior Entities, among which, the Extraterrestrials, who are the Disincarnated Higher Spirits and who “live” in the terrestrial Astral, or in the so called Parallel Universe and, it is the Extraterrestrials who are the inhabitants of other planets, alive elements of highly positive intelligence and who differ from our biotype in their biophysical forms, according to my binomial: “The Habitat makes the inhabitant and the Inhabitant makes the Habitat.” Consequently, each being makes his physical body in conformity with what Nature, or Creator, called by them as The Cosmic Central Core, has made available to them. Therefore, in these cases, life exists and manifests itself in the whole Universe with its own characteristics to each planet or “habitat,” being Earth, although beautiful and wonderful, the Habitat with the most rudimentary civilizations which still have intestines and use their smaller own kind, such as the animals, insects and counterparts for feeding, making it difficult [for them] to expand mentally, physically and spiritually. All these details can be read and studied in my books: “What The Extraterrestrials Think About and Expect from Us?” and “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials” (2nd edition) which are being translated by my official translator Christina C. Breault, where these beings are shown with reality and as the individuals with experience and millennial technologies, much older than our own, having already assisted in several planetary and stellar transformations, including our planet Earth, which is considered by them as a young planet but mistreated by its inhabitants who forget that despite being a planet it’s a living physical body with diseases and anomalies, subject to great changes and periodic transformations as the rest of the planets in the Universe. Thus, the planet Earth, for millions of years, has been suffering these geological and genetic mutations, but never went through an “end of the world,” but indeed several ends of “ages” and major changes in abilities and inhabitants. For me, as for them, the End of The World would only be real, it would only exist, if the planet Earth would explode in space and spread its pieces everywhere in the outer space. Outside of this, there isn’t and there won’t be the end of the world.

I make some comparisons that will better demonstrate the type of End of the World that the current so insecure humanity and in the hands of some manufacturers of wars and cataclysms so much expect. The End of The World occurred when the Egyptians invaded their neighboring lands and imprisoned and decimated their inhabitants. The same occurred when David invaded neighboring lands and allowed his soldiers to rape women and children and, as if nothing had happened and being responsible for nothing, would return to his tent in the desert and inspiringly wrote his Psalms, which nowadays serve as comfort for many people. It also occurred when the Hittite people invaded the old Turkey, copying its predecessors in wickedness and inhumanities. It occurred also when Rome invaded and seized the properties of its enemies, enslaving them, including the Greeks whom they called their countrymen, committing the most sordid atrocities against other peoples and later against the Christians, who were thrown to the lions as they watched and clapped their hands. It also occurred when the Mongol people slaughtered peoples and everything that went by. The End of The World also occurred for the Jews, victims of the holocaust of the second war, and also when the Japanese people received the atomic bombs in the head and most recently the Tsunami. The End of the World occurred for the victims of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, as it’s being in these moments for the victims of car-bombs, the ones that are being assassinated, the ones that are being run by cars, the ones that are in prison with life sentences or not, for the ones being subjugated by all sorts of drugs, without going further as there is no room in this article that I could explain so many “Ends of Worlds.” Therefore, indeed there will be the end of an age and the beginning of other new age, with new perspectives, new mental, physical, spiritual and moral standards. [There will be] New geological locations, resurgences of missing continents such as of Lemuria and Atlantis, and the disappearance of some peoples as occurred with the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Incas, Egyptians, the people of Easter Island and hundreds of others that had their “Ends of the World,” their collapsing Ages, and who left to us, the people of this Modern Age, their megalithic monuments as lesson for us to pay attention that one day everything changes, everything is recycled, and Nature — the Cosmic Central Core — God, through “Time — The Bacteria of the Universe” (a chapter in my second book, “The DNA of the Spirit and The Extraterrestrials”), is paying attention and to everything extends, being invincible in all quarters of the Universe, visible and invisible. The End of the World will always be to those of obtuse mind, small range, ignorant, wicked, exploiters of others’ good faith, usurpers and embezzlers of the economy of a people, dishonored politicians, and other public men who use and abuse their “positions of power” given to them by the people and for the people, and they think they will escape the Divine Justice. To those, the End of The World will be terrible and deadly!

Wherefore, THERE WON’T BE THE END OF THE WORLD, BUT THE END OF AN AGE, to the good of humanity in general. The chaff will be separated from the wheat, as it was foreseen for millennia by the great Avatar and by great clairvoyants. The garbage, the slag human will have their appropriate place in the new “dumps of space,” as has been the Earth until now!”

~ Domingos Yezzi, May 16, 2012 [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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The Sun Is A Cold Star

The Sun Is A Cold Star

“They are gigantic aircrafts that are docking on the Sun that is the center of our solar system. It is the only star that is able to receive them. The spaceship in question was not feeding or absorbing the heat of the Sun because the Sun is a cold star! It was absorbing the magnetic energy which that great generator that is the Sun emits. It carried its gigantic “stimulators” to transform them into powerful energies for its “continuous operation mode.” I must point out that in the solar atmosphere there are some corridors, or specific tunnels to allow the entry of magnetic ships through its soil. Only magnetic ships with specialized commanders in this navigation can penetrate within the atmosphere, otherwise, the magnetic force of the Sun is so powerful that repels any inexperienced object or spaceship that try to penetrate it.

“I could go into explosive details, which would be difficult to believe, as, until now, it’s been difficult for science and any other human being to assimilate what I’ve been privileged to announce and sustain until now that, THE SUN IS A COLD STAR! Soon science will discover and claim that it already knew it and it just didn’t reveal. They did that to Santos Dumont! But, the details you and other readers will read in my fourth book yet without a title for I’m still writing it day and night. My previous books will be translated into English which will facilitate more comprehension of my affirmations by the global community.” ~ Domingos Yezzi

“Crafts will fill our skies. They will be so many at one time that the people will be shocked. However we will be here to confirm that they are friends and there will be no reason for scare or panic.

“There will be new telluric manifestations, such as seaquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, [heavy] rain and floods, which will worsen increasingly; mainly in the northern hemisphere. Japan will suffer even more. The [Planet] Nibiru, in my book is called Planet Siderius. It comes from the direction of the constellation of cancer, at the time of the sunset [and] in the same direction. As the Sun sets another Sun will rise and both will meet in Zenith — both Suns will appear. One will push the other away of its orbit, causing the movement of all the planets of our solar system — 12 planets in total and their dozens natural satellites. There will be a total darkness. The planet Earth will roll in space until it finds itself in a new orbit around the planet Jupiter (as forecasted by the commander INK, FROM THE PLANET AHGA (NOT YET DISCOVERED BY SCIENCE). With all this cosmic-stellar alteration, of course there will be much death within the terrestrial humanity, which must be avoided as much as possible, first by the new actions and new positive behavior of the human being from now on.

Entrevista com Domingos Yezzi“I know that I am looking like a messenger of bad prognostics and a pessimist, but unfortunately [this] is what I receive and is in my books, which I take the opportunity to ask to [widely] disclose [them], for nobody will be able to say they were not warned. As to the destiny of each one of us, it belongs to God and to these beings with their gigantic aircrafts that are coming in large quantities to try to do whatever is possible and permitted to them. There are no intra-terrestrial civilizations in the manner that some lay people and speculators are spreading. There are, indeed though, elements both inside the gigantic caves that Earth possesses as well as in the depths of the sea, but all are subject to the same manifestations as those on the crust. I don’t have special protection, I’m a common human being of flesh and bone, with family and friends that I adore, but, all will be subject to all manifestations, even as all predicted by other Avatars and in the Bible. But, the impertinent human being, does not believe and will be caught by surprise.

“But, I think you and your friends should read my books as soon as possible, for in them there are some instructions that will help to alleviate and assist in the modification of behavior before the events. When they will happen? I DO NOT KNOW! These information, if given in these age, for sure will subject me to the murderous bonfires from the no less murderous members of the Catholic Church. Therefore, here I’m exposing what has already been exposed in the Bible in codified language.

“One may ask: What about the wonderful children that are being born? What about our children and our friends’ children? There are millions of them innocently coming, what will be of them?

“I reply: As each of us has come here carrying some energetic toxin and knew that at some determined time in our lives they would blossom in our physical body for the necessary drainage, but that they could also take us back to our spiritual “homeland”; they, the children, all of them in general, come already knowing all they will have to go through, even so they accept it, for it is a gift from Heaven to get a body and be welcomed with life or not, in these dire future moments of our civilization. Just, there is the “Blessed Oblivion” (Chapter 15, page 83 of my book “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extra-terrestrials”) and we also have the gift of not remembering what has been planned, otherwise we would only come by force!”

~ By DYezzi   [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

Texto Original: O Sol É Um Astro Frio