Is it advisable to get tattoos?

Is it advisable to get tattoos?


Mr. Domingos, can I ask you a question a little off from what you usually speak of? Some years ago I heard from two people that it is not advisable to get tattoos, no matter if it’s a dragon or a flower, they vibrate in the astral negatively, harming the carrier when he’s there. Does that happen?

Thank you.
Rosa G.


Hi Rosa,

Yes, it does happen! It is not advisable to get a tattoo of any kind, either to register a love, a dedication, a celebration, a symbol be it religious, political or social, because the human body is like a temple of the soul. What is registered in it follows the spirit after death. Besides that, it becomes a sort of trademark of the person, which can be found in police investigations, and even more in spiritual investigations. I’m not prejudiced against tattooed people and I’m not against tattoo artists, but instead I’m sorry to see that they seem to have lost their personality, becoming another irrational one within these colonies, revolted against the world and against all. The tattoo, in addition to endangering the organic defenses, can cause transmissions of viruses and congeners. Yet more dangerous are these piercings, holes, earrings, rings and other things, wild and irrational objects, indicative of a great mental and spiritual weakness by their bearers. Therefore, our body should be preserved from these indigenous, Aborigines appropriations contrary to the individual, mental and spiritual progress. This is without taking into account that negative entities induce the weak to adhere to these bad habits, because they vibrate in the same range. I could expound much on the subject, but I think this here is good enough.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Carnival's Energy

Carnival's Energy


Sent by Marco Mantuano on January 15, 2013

At the time of carnival, is there really an “opening” (astral, energy, vibration, I don’t not know the technical term because of my knowledge as a beginner compared to yours) where the negativity is more conspicuous in the air? During a period when I was involved as an observer of my relatives in umbanda, I heard this comment quite a lot [among them saying] that they had to protect themselves and such. What can you concretely tell me about the period of carnival (so that I, as well as my wife, who is an undeveloped advance medium, and my children can go through this period less affected as possible)?



Dear Mantuano,

It’s a mistake to think that only in carnival these openings occur. We must not forget that in the headquarters of the schools of samba there is carnival throughout the whole year, because they need to raise monies to complete the carnival funds. AND these environments are ruled by alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and finally all possible and unrevealed barbarities. But there are a lot of serious people among all this. I always say: “Who is enlightened, illuminated, can enter any place that the negative entities do not see them.” The more tuned in “high harmonics” [one is], the less of any “low harmonics” will enter! Therefore, we are all surrounded, more and more each day that passes, just don’t tune into their frequency and nothing will happen. Let’s be active mediums, or not! God gives us the danger, but also gives us the forms of defense. Was not so, the world would have ended quickly.

There is no need to become a saint, just learn the usefulness of “pray and watch,” the rest will depend on our kharma (destination). I have a saying that says: “Woe to thee, or happy thee, on the day that your present meets your past.” The universal algebraic laws will enter the game, and if the previous production, either in this life or in past lives, was negative and in this (present life) is also negative, it equals the same, as they sum up, [and] in the same way if it was positive. Different signs are reduced, prevailing the sign of the greater. Do you understand?

The missed bullet only reaches those who shot it before!


Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)

 Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)
Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Florida, USA

The Divine Justice

The Central Cosmic Core — God — in Its immense power and infinite wisdom, Him/Her/It him/her/itself fruit of millions, of billions of micro particles and each one containing Its own vibratory tonus, personal, individual and Its peculiar magnetic radiation, after billions of years for Its agglutination and, therefore, for Its intelligent formation, began Its propagation within Itself to the universal vastness of all undulatory and vibratory particles, respective to the peculiarity of each “habitat” and Its interior and exterior, Its “inhabitants,” ranging from the micro atoms of physical matter, visible, or condensed energy in the third dimension, passing through the Elements and their respective Elementals to the intelligent spark of the crudest human being and humanoid, in conformity to each respective “habitat”, its Suns and Planets, Galaxies and Quasars (Black Holes), nebulas and other components of the visible (Sidereal) and invisible (Cosmic) Universe.

These magnetized particles came forming the radioactive magnetic fields, resulting in the stimulation and the generation of the Light of the Galaxies and their billions of Suns and planets, also resulting in the isolation and grouping of their cells and, therefore, gave birth, or sprout, the Absolute Vacuum between the stellar bodies. Therefore, each Galactic grouping, each Solar System, each Planet and even the Quasars (Black Holes), by its own movement, systole and diastole, magnetic attraction and repulsion, negative and positive, has and always had around itself millions, billions, trillions and even more immeasurable distances of Absolute Vacuum in order to allow the unharmed, free passage of cosmic and magnetic radiation, in addition to the movements of expansion of the galaxies within the Universe, without them shocking with the each other and in continuous and infinite growth.

Therefore, without the existence of empty spaces, which are the belts of vacuums that ensure the turned off passage of radiating light, which rekindles only within each “habitat”, galaxies, suns and planets, there would not be the manifestation of Light and neither would be possible [for] interstellar journeys by interplanetary spaceships moved by magnetic energy. And these are the allied irradiations, or radiations, to the specific vibrations of each body, of each atom or particle within the Cosmic-Sidereal space that come to form or to produce THE COSMIC-SIDEREAL LAWS, THE AKHASHIC RECORDS, THE KHÁRMA, THE DHÁRMA (DESTINY) —THE DIVINE JUSTICE — embracing everything and everyone.

Thus, in this way, the whole Universe came to be magnetized, with its poles, Positive, Neutral and Negative, which will arbitrate upon those that produce light, promote Creation, the harmonisation, the expansion, the knowledge and the like, the possibility to raise their vibratory field, that would be the Posivite ones, that will arbitrate on those that are intermediaries only to facilitate the passage from one field to another. The Absolute Vacumms are the Neutral ones. Even in between the intra-atomic spaces, between the nucleus atom and its electrons, there are the neutrons, or the vacuum, which allows the passage of radiation from the nucleus to the electrons, and this atomic grouping forms the cells and these form a physical body. And these intra-atomic and intracellular radiations produce the physical or human heat in permanent 36.5°C, the same physical-chemistry ration that takes place in the Sun, which is a cold star (already mentioned in the book of this sensitive medium), as well as all the stars are cold Suns; will arbitrate on those who produce the shadows, the darkness, the destruction, the quasars (black holes), the diseases, the imbalances, the disharmony and are the antithesis of light, which are the Negative ones.

Therefore, after this phase of Creation, it was formed a circle, or a cosmic magnetic universal ring, invisible, vibratory giant, I would say, in size and scope, infinite, through which nothing passes or transpasses, when everything is filtered, barred and returned to each one as it was produced, according to Its actions, be It in whichever planet or sun It is within the universe, in any corner or nook, and even in the hidden privacy of Its mind. Everything returns to its producer, in weight, in quantity and intensity in the same proportion to what was produced. Like a gigantic radar, the waves it emits follow its target or reverberate around in the Great Magnetic Universal Ring and return to him/her, bringing in its wave beam all the affinities and animosities, positive, neutral or negative, exactly in the same intensity and proportion was they were produced. That is, there is no way these waves return to catch another radar transmitter, for this was who produced them and is in his/her same syntony. Everything will be unloaded on him/her, both good and evil, in time and in accurate measure. Distinguished only by the type of “habitat” in which he/she lives, that is, if the “habitat” is Earth, or similar to her, where the time of life, or the average life’s length, compared to other orbs, is relatively short, then he/she will be picked up in the next life, as many as necessary for his/her spiritual energy detoxification. Hence the sentence of the terrestrial Master-of- Masters: “Not one leaf shall fall without the Father knowing.” Everything is summed up in vibration, frequency, syntony, with the Main Source, the great universal broadcaster, whose dial (or channels or tracks switch) extends in all frequencies, medium, short, long, ultra short, modulated, from the micro frequency of the human brain as [from] the frequencies of the fauna and flora of any planet to the highest frequency within each universal “habitat” or “inhabitant,” from the center of the universe to the most distant regions of the universal periphery; capturing all of them and simultaneously emitting all of them, regardless of civilization advancements or regressions, neither creed, race, color or preferences, nor nationality and in our case I would say, “neither planetivity.” The name of this broadcaster, or central station of constant and eternal vibration, is CENTRAL COSMIC CORE, more commonly called between the earth beings as God, which has no face, countenance, feature, stature, neither eyes or mouth, nor human or humanoid biotype, It’s a immeasurable COSMIC SUN — A GREAT INTELLIGENT CORE.

This state of objective universal consciousness produces THE ETERNAL PRESENT, nullifying the Past, Present and Future. All that the human being can imagine to invent or create is already invented and created, already exists within the Cosmic Central Core and Its Laws, even the TIME which is universally inviolable and indivisible, is also already created, [and] only manifests itself with the emergence of the Human Intelligence in all the planets and its continued evolutionary progress!

Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Lake City, Florida, USA

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What Are the Akashic Records?

What Are the Akashic Records?

“They are the most sensitive and precise forms of universal recordings, created naturally, by the Cosmic Central Core—God to measure each particle and their actions and movements within the universal immensity. Because, as huge and at the same time so multi-form as is, which would be impossible for any human or non-human being, physical or angelical, from this or any other planet, even if they would possess the most perfect instrument of mental or magnetic rating, to measure them without making mistakes or injustices. “Not a leaf drops from a tree without the father knowing,” said the Great Avatar. Consequently, as it creates itself (See pages 64 through 72, Chapter 24, of my first book “What the Extraterrestrials Think About and Expect From Us?,” a chapter entitled “Where Did We Come From, Who Are We and Where Do We Go To — Modern Genesis — Cosmic-Sidereal Poem”). “In summary, there it says: “It was the absolute nothingness, from self-deformation and spontaneous generation came the Divine consciousness. Subsequently, God agglutinated and the Core Cosmic arose. This is only the first verse of this poem, which I think is one of the most rational, intricate poems that I’ve ever channeled in my whole life! It should be read from beginning to end, several times until fully understood and comprehended, because, without false modesty, it is a rational march on the origin of God and His universe, which will demonstrate a true god, without religious and dogmatic connotations, and yet someone that no human being should fear, nor blindly worship, but indeed, become involved with him and his Natural Laws of Action and Reaction, Cause and Effect, within the precepts that each one is God, even as the Great Avatar said, “as Him, or greater than Him, we shall also do.” “Therefore, the Akashic Records are the most authentic and faithful recordings and at the same time multi-dimensional archives at the disposal of human beings and all existing things or yet to exist in the universe, through which each one can be sure of the exact application of all the Universal Laws, without protectionisms, without big-shots, without politics, without corruption, and that at the exact moment, not before and not after, what was thought, even in the most depth of the inner being, or the most hidden or open actions, it will, or it has already been, recorded and it will have its return in the exact same dosage and speed without a less or more micro second. Giving, thus, full guarantees to every being, mentally, physically or spiritually advanced, that nothing will be forgotten, nothing will go unnoticed by the Greater Justice — the Divine. “They were created inside the naturalness and the automaticity as everything within the universe, which had its origin in the Cosmic Central Core! They are like a great universal magnetic tape, like a gigantic DNA of the Universal Spirit of God, as well as the DNA of physical genetics and DNA of the Spirit. The three, Akashic Records (Universal DNA), physical DNA and spiritual DNA, run always together. Sometimes in parallel route, sometimes interlaced among themselves, but never separately, never in front or behind the other, whether in the past, the present or the future, but in the Eternal Now where everything is unveiled, without barriers of any kind, to the Spirits of High Lineage. I can affirm, in spite of the strangeness that I may cause, that not even God, the Cosmic Central Core, may interfere or delete [these records] for it was He* who constructed this mathematical magnitude and Himself* would or will not accept failures in His* eternal divine conceptions, thus, they are divine! There is one more factor which runs parallel or interlaced with those other three, whilst it is also invisible, but cutting to the extreme, which is the Time, indestructible, relentlessly devouring everything that is in the Universe, perhaps it is it the factor created by God and that comes closest to God, having deserved a specific chapter in my second book “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials,” chapter 24, page 207, “The Time — The Bacteria of the Universe.” ~ Domingos Yezzi, June 1, 2012 [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

  • Here, where the asexuality of God and His/Hers omnipresence and omniscience is everywhere, we make references to God as “He” solely for linguistic accommodations.

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Akashic Records

Akashic Records


“Good afternoon Domingos. 17 years ago I had some contacts through dreams with beings from other dimensions. As soon as I would fall asleep they would come in their vessel. My dream was so real that I had full assurance it was happening. We talked very much but I didn’t remember anything of the conversation when I woke up, [except] some things but very vague. They came as human beings and dressed with a silver [metallic looking] clothing very attached to their skin, they were three men and a woman… there was a black male and in a very bad mood, somewhat impatient, a little nervous, and the others always sported with him, joking around and conversing with him. The woman was very friendly with me, she had light hair and one day she told me that she was called Unvikmanuellite, and when I had this dream I was pregnant with my daughter already in the last month. Do you believe that the lady asked me to name the girl after her name? and I was going to do it but the father and the family wouldn’t let me saying that wasn’t a name, and I didn’t tell [them] anything about what was happening every nights neither where I came up with that name. Then I had a last contact with these beings when the lady asked me to give the girl this name, and she told me that we would have another contact but different than those, then I didn’t dream anymore. When I had the girl, a month later, I was seating watching television when I began to feel light, outside of myself, and I began to hear the voice of that lady, the same voice of my dreams, it wasn’t a human voice, it was different, prettier, and it began saying the letters Y X K V M L and she repeated about three times very slow, it seemed it was for me to record it, and she kept diminishing the voice until disappearing; I came back to normal thinking this, my GOD, it is a code, however to this day I don’t know what it means about these letters and reading your book about [akhashic] records, could it be?” — Posted with editor’s notes. Original authorship kept anonymous for privacy reasons.


“…Before arriving to conclusions from a distance like this, I would tell you that, these things don’t occur to any one, thereby the reason you must have been chosen, not because of your beautiful eyes or any other thing, but, by your previous [Akashic] records, which must include the purpose of your mission with them. We easily forget our commitments due to the dense physical life and the turbulences of earthly life. But they don’t forget and [they] return to remind us.

“Our minds, and our spirit, due to what I’ve explained above, seek to divert us from those realities and in often times produce the animism, which is when our personality is interposed between our brain and their brain, creating images and fantasies fitting of the moment in which we live. I want to believe not to be your case. I would even say, regarding the name of the girl, you could have “rounded” to Manoelita, [or] Manoela, which in addition to not being ugly, it could result in a kind of conductor for them. But, this is [of] less [importance]. I think that if you really have a mission with them, they will come back. You should not be afraid, just think positive that everything will result in positive. As for the black male that was with them, it may be the result of their crossbreeding with someone of Earth and that he was feeling annoyed to witness new crossbreeding. In this case, only you can tell, whether or not there was the case of your daughter. You need to tell me about how she is currently. Fear nothing, think in them or in the lady and allow them to present themselves to you and say what they want to do, to put an order in these your doubts and anxieties. But modesty apart, my books explain well. Hugs, and have this friend at your service.”

~ Domingos Yezzi

Translated by Christina C. Breault

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Additional Information (in Portuguese):

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


“Domingos, what could you share about Jesus Christ? I was a Christian (Baptist) for several years (after I came to the USA, in 1993 I converted to Christianity and later, in 2007, I un-converted). I see the spiritual Brazilian community almost totally turned to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, which takes them (back) to the root/basis of Christianity. I’ve noticed people labeling it as “Christian spirituality,” or “Christian Spiritism,” which is, in fact, Christianity slightly deviated from the (coded) Bible. Many ufologists and/or defenders of the ETs are also defenders of Christianity, which has Jesus Christ as the center/base of ALL, which seems to perpetuate the universal Christian evangelism/catechism as if all inhabitants of Earth are to submit to its doctrine. Can you comment about this whenever you have some time? I’ll post your comments on the website as this is a very polemic subject.” ~ Christina Breault


With most pleasure.

In the pages from 169 through 180 of my second book, “the DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials,” through me They do a questioning about Him. It would be good to read them.

He, for me, was a great Avatar who came to bring ancient teachings and who marked his presence by allowing himself to become a martyr. This made him a spiritual leader and, as mankind always has been and continues to be lacking in idols, it appropriated him and his examples for the formation of a religion. But as Him — note that when I refer to Him I do it with a capital letter as a sign of my profound respect for His person and spirit as the nation of non-religious that he leads —, there were other leaders or avatars such as: Akhenaten, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Krishna, and many others who, like Him, are leading millions of followers and that also left [us] great examples. But like I said, none of them made a point of forcefully leading their followers, who, diverted by fanaticism and obscure political interests, took different directions within humanity that I see to be the cause of the fratricidal wars. I think that if these deviations didn’t exist there would be no wars. And this occurs since they began to exist on the face of the Earth.

I have several personal messages from him for me, which were never put to the public, due to their personal and private character, although He left clear that I could publish them whenever I wished. I was the one who didn’t want it to avoid giving the impression of [that I have] special protectionism from the Master-of-Masters. But someone will ask, why me? I would answer, because our spirits have ancient connections which date back to the legendary Atlantis when he was a great priest and I also followed Him. On the occasion of his return more or less 2017 years ago, I was a Greek, a painter physician, and later an evangelist, whose initials are LC, and, as incredible as it may sound, I was not an apostle of his, but I was the only one who had the privilege of painting Mary whose framework is currently in the former Yugoslavia. Therefore, through psychometrics He and my guides showed me that phase of my past, which for me, with sincerity, means little because I had hundreds of other passages prior and subsequent to His coming that were also important and others [more] simple and common, which shaped me to what I am today and causes me no more surprise the fact that I have contact with highly evolved beings, because all this is a great and prior planning from the High, to which I submit myself trying to fulfill my mission, nonetheless, without failing to be a simple and humble human being as much as possible, and with many flaws that still need to be corrected.

This way, Jesus, in my view and feeling, was and is a spirit as all of us, but, [who] left recorded in His Akhashic Records, in His Spiritual DNA, selfless acts of great magnitude and of universal significance, He then be considered by the Higher Masters the Spiritual Governor of the Earth, because He gave Himself in full to this planet of atonement, another spiritual prison of our solar system, to which, few have equaled in resignation and humility, when He could have defended Himself without having to use any weapon with such a mental power He had, but He did not, keeping within Himself his immense energy in the form of Universal Love for all humanity.

In one of the occasions on which He vibrationally projected Himself in front of me in my home, showing only His immense light without showing Himself anatomically, I asked him, “Jesus, why didn’t you, with so much power and knowledge, petrify those who reproached You, denounced You mercilessly? I, today, I would like to go up [there] to see the statues of them with swords in their hands, motionless and serving as an example for others that venture to disregard someone of Benevolence! Ugh! If I were there in those moments!” I concluded, to which he replied: “I thank the Father for you not having been present there, as if it were, you would have spoiled my mission and would have compromised yourself for the rest of your reincarnations. I allowed myself to be martyrized but nobody has prohibited me from feeling pain! And it was what I did in my worst moments, projecting my Double Ether to outside of my body!” He concluded. After that, I kept quiet to myself and placed myself in the rightful place of ignorant of things programed by the sidereal Engineers.

~ DYezzi::

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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The Imprisonment of Souls… Is There Such a Thing?

The Imprisonment of Souls... Is There Such a Thing?

A reply from Domingos Yezzi [Translated from Portuguese, the author’s native language]:

“If your friend thinks that there is technology — machines and the like — to imprison a human soul, I’m sorry but she’s wrong, there is no such thing(s). Those who think positively and act positively have nothing to fear, however, those who think negatively, in addition to having against them cerebral disturbances or a neuro vegetative brain, they are also open channels that bring to them, or take them, to the appropriate places where they are “vampirized” and they remain as prisoners to harmful elements which make them the “living dead” and put them to the mercy of their wishes. This means in general a trapping of the soul that loses its own will. But, look, there must be a kharma or pre-determinism, an indebtedness of such people with those malignant agents, being the result of years of wickedness and degradation. Those with a positive registry [that is, their Akashic Records] have nothing to fear! … There are thousands of cases of sorcery and spells that make use of several techniques for these negative purposes, but, stronger are the positive fluids.”

~ DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

Original Text

“Se sua amiga acha que existe técnologia “maquinas e afins” para prender uma alma humana, está enganada, não existe! Quem pensa positivo e age positivamente nada tem a temer, contudo, aqueles que pensam negativamente, além de terem contra si os distúrbios cerebrais ou neuro vegetativos têm contra si os canais abertos e que levam até eles ou levam eles até os locais apropriados onde são “vampirizados” e ficam como que presos a elementos perniciosos que fazem deles uns “mortos vivos” e ficam a mercê das vontades deles. Isto significa de uma maneira geral um aprisionamento da alma que perde suas vontades próprias. Mas, veja bem, há que haver um khárma ou pré determinismo, um endividamento dessas pessoas com aqueles agentes malignos, sendo resultado de anos de maldade e aviltamento. Quem tem seus registros positivos nada deve temer! … Há milhares de casos de bruxaria e de magias que fazem uso de diversas técnicas para essas finalidades negativas, mas, mais forte são os fluidos positivos.” ~ DYezzi::.