Life in another dimension, Siderius …

Life in another dimension, Siderius ...


Good morning, Domingos.

I just read your book, “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials.” Very enlightening, but I was left with two questions:

  1. Could you tell me if the existing life on other planets in the solar system would be in this same dimension, that is, visible to our eyes?
  2. It is noticeable the changes in our planet and in people. We are in a phase of destruction, disaster and heinous crimes like never before. But it is also a moment of enlightenment and awareness of many. Probably because of the approaching of the astral body Siderius. I wonder if you have any information more recent about the possibility of sighting this astral body. Those chosen will be rescued by extraterrestrials before the final catastrophe?

Thank you,
Marcus M.


Dear Marcus,

Thank you for your email and questions.

  1. Incredible as it may seem, NASA, which would be the nearest source of scientific information to us have not mentioned anything so far, for it is not known which interests it has in not to disclose, nor do research within each planet except sending those slinky probes to Mars to target future conquests and not future friendships. From what I am told, in almost all the 12 planets in our solar system, life is three dimensional as ours. What varies a bit more to energetic life is on Neptune. The others are the same, with different “habitats” and lives, because “the inhabitant makes the habitat and the habitat makes the inhabitant!”
  2. All that is occurring on our planet had been predicted, because the sum of the negative doings of man ​​in the past would have irreparable results. Not only humans have a karma, [but] the Earth also has its own. The planet Earth and its humanity, unfortunately, are in their death throes, which will reach the apex when the passing through of big astral body Siderius in our solar system occurs, which approaches every day and is already being tracked by NASA. Some say already seeing it with the naked eye, at the bottom side of the Sun. The ETs are arriving from the most distant places in the Universe, with their gigantic ships, which are so large and having so much energetic power that they can not get too close to our cities otherwise they can cause complete shutdown of all electrical activities in our planet. So they park at the Sun, clearly inside the Sun. Yes, there will be a huge movement of rescue, but I can not say if only for the chosen and if there will even be any chosen. You can not evaluate the criteria used by them. As you know, here we have the chaff mixed with the wheat, and often family members with different behaviors. It will not be so easy for them to separate the good from the bad, innocent from bandits.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Are there cities in a hollow Earth?

Are there cities in a hollow Earth?


“I’ve always said I do not believe in the existence of cities inside the Earth, and especially cities with extraterrestrial spaceships and unusual constructions, as has always been part of my question to my ET contacts who always respond that they come down with their ships in large caves, do their research and return to their planets. But I believe in the existence of infra-terrestrial cities in the Astral of Earth, the upper and lower parallel worlds of Earth. I think that those who believe in the physical existence of them are misinformed and based on ancient legends, which do not distinguish what is physical and what is energetic. If there were underground alien and evolved cities, for sure, they would have already put a stop on the underground experiments of atomic tests as certainly they would be affected. Furthermore, an ultra-advanced alien civilization would not give preference to reside in holes, rather than reside in the crust which would be much more feasible and more possibilities of escape.” ~ DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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The Sun is a Cold Star and It’s Inhabited

The Sun is a Cold Star and It's Inhabited


Good afternoon, Domingos!

I’m here to explain to you that the sun, actually, is hot and not cold, as you said.

Well, we can start at the beginning, when the sun had not even existed yet. Billions of years ago, what really existed were gases and particles that were mutually attracted by gravity forces. As time passed, more particles would agglutinate and condense until they, due to the large energy (heat) that they had, made this energy to overcome the repulsive force between the particles and gases thus triggering a nuclear fusion. After that, a disc of cosmic dust was formed around the sphere of nuclear fusion which also began to be attracted to the extremely hot and massive nucleus. Consequently, after millions of years, the sun, as we know, is formed.

To keep itself active the sun needs fuel, which in our case is the hydrogen. These hydrogen protons collide due to their gravitational force, forming helium, radiation, light (which is also a source of light and heat) and energy (heat – the same energy that is created when a nitrogen bomb falls on a city). Variables resulting from nuclear reaction tend to escape into the vacuum of space, although some of them are retained by the gravitational force, battling against the opposing force until the fuel runs out. When the hydrogens end, gravity will win tending to hatch it.

This happens until the Helio pass to be used as alternative fuels, and so the cycle begins again. Well, in the end, the stars tend to turn into supernova or they tend to turn into black holes.

Well, I think I have already clarified why the sun is hot!

Thanks for your attention, Mr. Domingos, and until another time!
Light Yagamii


Dear Light, as you can notice my name is Domingos Yezzi, and what is yours?

I’m sorry, friend, but I do not need to hide behind light or shadow. Thank you in advance for your email, and your “teachings” about the Sun, completely wrong, based on erroneous assumptions of scientific conclusions prior to Galileo Galilei, but thanks anyway!

I will not repeat them here because it would become boring. In my books, and on my website, they are adequately explained and will not understand only those narrow-minded at the time that the church, and the infamous black gagers, said that the Sun revolved around the Earth and not the contrary. Hundreds of years needed to pass before the arrival of the genius Galileo who broke that madness, but remained imprisoned and incommunicable so he wouldn’t make public his ingenious ideas, this [one] and others, but he said “Epur Si Muove”, that is, whether you want it or not, the Earth keeps moving around the Sun!

E a igreja, como sempre composta por sábios, resolveu “perdoá-lo” 400 e poucos anos após. Como se o querer levar conhecimento a humanidade merecesse punição e perdão! Agora estamos no século XXI, a era da cibernética, da comunicação, dos satélites artificiais — que diga-se de passagem, giram em torno da Terra, como “marias loucas ” sem obedeceram totalmente a Lei da Gravidade, pois, vez por outra, perdem o impulso e despencam na cabeça dos homens, provando que a Lua que está lá a milhões de anos não perde seu impulso nem seu giro, pois ela obedece a lei da gravidade. Os ignorantes bem intencionados continuam a existir sem raciocinar, não estou dizendo que é seu caso! A Ciência da Terra há bem pouco tempo atrás, dizia, afirmava, que no planeta Mercúrio, o chumbo estava derretendo a 800 graus centígrados, no entanto, resolveu mandar uma de suas sondas rebolantes fotografar aquele planeta, a sonda fotografou tudo, não pegou fogo, seus equipamentos funcionaram normalmente e a ciência descobriu que não existem os 800 graus de calor em Mercúrio, por ele estar próximo ao Sol! Esse recente cometa (ISON) que cruzou o espaço em direção ao Sol, deu a volta em torno dele e não se desintegrou. A NASA tem mostrado fotografias recentes de naves gigantescas entrando e saindo do Sol, mais uma prova de que ele frio. E eu, que não tenho pretensões de ser um Galileu moderno, mas, volto a afirmar que, o Sol é um Astro Frio e habitado, por criaturas maravilhosas!

And the church , as always composed by sages, decided to “pardon him” 400 or so years after, as if wanting to bring knowledge to humanity deserved punishment and forgiveness! Now we are in the XXI century, the cyber era, the communication era, of the artificial satellites — which, by the way, revolve around the Earth as “dizzy Marys” without fully obeying the Laws of Gravity, therefore, occasionally, losing momentum and falling down on the heads of men, proving that the Moon is there for millions of years and does not lose its impulse nor its movement, because it obeys the Laws of Gravity. The well-meaning ignorant ones continue to exist without reasoning, [and] I’m not saying it’s your case! The Science of [planet] Earth not long ago said, claimed, that planet Mercury, its Lead was melting at 800 degrees Celsius, nevertheless, decided to send one of their dancing probes to photograph that planet. The probe photographed everything, didn’t catch on fire, their equipment functioned normally and science discovered that there are no 800 degree Celsius heat on Mercury for being close to the Sun! This recent comet (ISON) that crossed the space toward the Sun, went around it and did not disintegrate itself. NASA has recently shown photographs of giant ships coming in and out of the Sun, further prooving that it’s cold. And I, who have no pretensions in being a modern Galileo, but, I insist that the Sun is a Cold Star and it’s inhabited by marvelous creatures!

I hope Science does not take too long to prove that I’m right, as it took to approve the claims of Galileo and, when they find out I’m right, please be kind enough to disclose that I was the first one to have the courage to make this statement and will not do as they did with our Santos Dumont, who not even after demonstrating that he invented the airplane and was the first to fly it and manipulate it in the air, up and down alone, around the Eiffel Tower in Paris in front of thousands of people, failed to convince the owners of the truth that he is the true Father of Aviation and not our American brothers!

So, my friend Light, please be kind enough to turn on your mental switch and with attention and reasoning read my books and my website, and I’ll be here to settle any doubts!

I am grateful for the opportunity and I apologize for the awkward way!

DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

The Sun is a Cold Star and It's Inhabited

Texto Original: O Sol é um Astro Frio e Habitado!

Extraterrestrial visitors… DNA… crossing with humans… Pygmies…

Extraterrestrial visitors... DNA... crossing with humans... Pygmies...


Sent by João Paulo Neto

  • How many extraterrestrial civilizations have already had contact with us since ancient times?
  • Is there truly a project of mixture of our DNA with the Greys? If yes, why are they doing that? Where are the generated hybrid beings going and what is their function?
  • Excluding the Greys, is there some other alien race in contact with us today?


You must not forget that the universe is very ancient — I always joke saying, “it is older than God!” Lol!

Therefore, many millions of years before us, other planets, with their respective habitats and their inhabitants, existed before us and were able to achieve the universal progress and knowledge of the need for proliferation of the same knowledge to other worlds and humanities and ascension. In this way, the “homosapiens” were already receiving the visit of other beings more advanced mentally and scientifically from various corners of the universe, who have always had the intention to teach those of less knowledge and lesser physical, social and scientific advancement, as the first inhabitants of the Earth were. They indeed visited and exchanged information and intimacy between women and men, both from them to us and from us to them. [They performed] What I call of “sanguine and morphological injection” to give genetic evolution both to the human race as to the extraterrestrials. As the primates of Earth began being sexualized, that is, having male and female [organs], this type of procedure was done, and is still done, only now with less frequency by advanced beings also sexualized, whose procreation may only be made by sexual insemination. There are in the universe, and in some planets of our solar system, very advanced beings whose procreation is asexual, i.e. through the mind. Beings of that suit, badly comparing, would be as our snakes that only exchange their skin and remain alive and more young. They are beings that live for millennia to accomplish a new exchange of physical body and their children or descendants, although there are male and female, are generated by the power of the mind between the couple that materializes the new physical body on the reencarnanting spirit. It is very complex to explain in a few lines. Read my books. In the fourth book that I’m writing, I get into more details. There are thousands of alien races that have already entered and still enter in physical contact with the terrestrial human beings, not only the so-called Greys. An example of such contact and the result of other races on Earth are the Pygmies, which are the result of crossing with beings from the planet Mercury, which are short, very agile and intelligent. In addition, their “blowpipe” weapon, in which arrows are poisoned to hunt or defend themselves, are of Mercurian origin except that there they use it as sport.

Yes, there is the process and not a project of crossing their DNA with the human race. It’s known, and you might notice in terrestrial races that do not allow miscegenation, the weakening of human biotype, or degeneration — not the case for us Brazilians, who accept all kinds of miscegenation. I will not mention the races that display degeneration to avoid controversy, but it should be noted that those who so act, are discolored, pale and the biotype is almost always the same in appearance, although maintaining intelligence and wisdom. The extraterrestrials, who almost always are fruits of a single race between them, when they realize the possibility or the danger of this degeneration, they bring here their women to be fertilized by the men of Earth, or their men to fertilize our women. There are intelligence combined with genetic engineering, so they are forced to seek out new DNAs, but their sciences have command in separating undesirable DNA, therefore, they only fortify their race or ours. The fruits of these crossings will be the future procreators in their world and ours. Nothing more than that!

Yes, there are many beings in touch with us today, secretly, because the human being is afraid even of its own shadow and all that is unknown. But you can be sure, none of them, absolutely none, has bad intention with the terrestrial humanity, quite the contrary!

There are a number of rumors about reptilian beings, in my view fruit of creative imagination, although well intended by some, but they never showed these beings alive, neither in photography. Of course the universe is a large, huge ocean in which there are many types of fish, a huge range in variation of life and behavior, but there are universal laws that control all beings, which everyone, be they who or what they are, are subject to.

Please share this information, as many as you are thirsty for knowledge and did not have the same access, or privilege!


Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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Where do we come from?

Where do we come from?
Domingos Yezzi explains that God is a nucleus [a central core] emitting rays. One of the emissions is the human spark, it comes from the central core and it’s sprinkled upon the whole universe. He also says that this spark which met with the planet Earth was formed with its body according to the habitat of planet Earth.

Texto Original em Português-Brasileiro: Domingos Yezzi explica que Deus é um núcleo emissor de raios. Uma das emissões é a centelha humana, ela vem do núcleo e é espargida por todo universo. Ele também diz que essa centelha que se encontrou com o planeta Terra formou-se com o corpinho conforme o habitat do planeta Terra.

Mermaids: Real or Legend? ~//~ Sereias: Verdade ou Lenda?

Mermaids: Real or Legend? ~//~ Sereias: Verdade ou Lenda?

Texto Original

Não se trata de um esqueleto de um ET mas de um habitante subaquático, com os quais já tive contato e que vai relatado em meu quarto livro, ou seja “sereias e sereios” se é que podemos chamar os machos assim. Eles possuem comunidades sub-aquáticas e já apareceram para alguns viajantes da antiguidade, ULisses, por exemplo. Não é lenda não. Eles existem mesmo, durante o tsunami do Japão um deles foi encontrado morto numa praia, ninguém levou a serio e divulgou-se que era mais uma bincadeira da Internet, pode até ter sido, mas garanto que eles existem. E elas costumam cantar sobre pedras grandes ou ilhotas em pleno oceano. Ai está uma prova. Por favor, traduza isto para os leitores desta página, okay?


American-English Translation

This is not a skeleton of an ET but of an underwater inhabitant, with whom I’ve had contact with and it is written in my fourth book; that is, “male and female” mermaids — if we can call them “male mermaids.” They have underwater communities and have appeared to some travellers of antiquity, [such as] Ulysses, for example. No, it is not a legend. They indeed exist. During the tsunami of Japan one of them was found dead on a beach, nobody took it seriously and was announced that it was an internet joke. That might have been the case, however, I assure you that they do exist; and they usually sing on large rocks or islets in the middle of the ocean. There is a proof. Please translate this for the readers of this page, okay?


[Translated by Christina C. Breault]

Vídeo em Destaque ~//~ Featured Video:

Diferenças de escrita dos Extraterrestres

Diferenças de escrita dos Extraterrestres

As diferenças de escrita original entre habitantes de alguns planetas do nosso sistema solar vão aqui a título de ilustração e ao mesmo tempo para poder proporcionar aos estudiosos de línguas e escritas um pouco do material inédito que conseguimos captar no decorrer de nossas pesquisas durante todos esses anos de trabalho. Talvez os grafologistas, os peritos possam trazer algo mais para o nosso conhecimento. Foram captadas por C . A. Yezzi, nossa saudosa esposa.

Alien Writings

Tradução em Português-Brasileiro

Todo Homem mesmo o mais humilde tem dentro de si algo a oferecer a humanidade e ao Universo. Cabe portanto aos espíritos de ideais mais lúcidos o dever de acordar as mentes destes humildes com ações e ensinamentos. O homem é o instrumento do Universo. Por isso, nós seres de civilizações extraterrestres estamos dispostos a tudo fazer para chegarmos até vós.

~ Traduzido por C . A. Yezzi

American-English Translation

“Every man, even the most humble, has within himself something to offer to humanity and the Universe. It is therefore, to the spirits of more lucid ideals, the duty to wake up the minds of these humble ones with actions and teachings. Man is the instrument of the Universe.  Therefore, we, beings of extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to do everything to get to you.”

~ Translated by Christina C. Breault

Is the Earth Hollow? ~//~ É a Terra Oca?

Is the Earth Hollow? ~//~ É a Terra Oca?

Em Português-Brasileiro

“A Terra Não é Oca! Essa é a informação que recebo, contudo ela possa ter grandes fendas, grandes cavernas como essa que é mostrada, muito menos possui civilizações adiantadas em seu interior, caso contrário, representantes dessas civilizações já teriam vindo à tona ou à crosta para impedirem tanta barbaridade, tantas experiências atômicas subterreneas, e tantas barbaridades sobre a crosta terrestre. Se entende como Terra Oca que não haja o núcleo de mágma. Se existe o mágma então como pode ser oca. No meu primeiro livro eu faço uma ligeira explanação a respeito. Não acredito que ela seja oca e nem que possua o mágma. Bem, e os vulcões?” ~ DYezzi

In American-English

“The Earth is Not Hollow! This is the information I receive, however, it may have great fractures, large caves like the one shown, much less has advanced civilizations in its interior, otherwise, representatives of these civilizations would have been already to the surface or the crust to prevent so much savagery, so many underground atomic experiences, and so many barbarities on the crust of Earth. It is understood as “Hollow Earth” that there is not the magma core. If there is the magma, then how can it be hollow? In my first book I make a brief explanation on it. I do not believe it is hollow neither that it has magma. Well… what about the volcanoes?” ~ DYezzi [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

Talking about the End of the World …

Talking about the End of the World ...

Talking again about the so spoken and infamous End of The World I must inform the following to all the readers and humanity in general:

The Planet Earth, as well as the entire Solar System… As I am informed by the Superior Entities, among which, the Extraterrestrials, who are the Disincarnated Higher Spirits and who “live” in the terrestrial Astral, or in the so called Parallel Universe and, it is the Extraterrestrials who are the inhabitants of other planets, alive elements of highly positive intelligence and who differ from our biotype in their biophysical forms, according to my binomial: “The Habitat makes the inhabitant and the Inhabitant makes the Habitat.” Consequently, each being makes his physical body in conformity with what Nature, or Creator, called by them as The Cosmic Central Core, has made available to them. Therefore, in these cases, life exists and manifests itself in the whole Universe with its own characteristics to each planet or “habitat,” being Earth, although beautiful and wonderful, the Habitat with the most rudimentary civilizations which still have intestines and use their smaller own kind, such as the animals, insects and counterparts for feeding, making it difficult [for them] to expand mentally, physically and spiritually. All these details can be read and studied in my books: “What The Extraterrestrials Think About and Expect from Us?” and “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials” (2nd edition) which are being translated by my official translator Christina C. Breault, where these beings are shown with reality and as the individuals with experience and millennial technologies, much older than our own, having already assisted in several planetary and stellar transformations, including our planet Earth, which is considered by them as a young planet but mistreated by its inhabitants who forget that despite being a planet it’s a living physical body with diseases and anomalies, subject to great changes and periodic transformations as the rest of the planets in the Universe. Thus, the planet Earth, for millions of years, has been suffering these geological and genetic mutations, but never went through an “end of the world,” but indeed several ends of “ages” and major changes in abilities and inhabitants. For me, as for them, the End of The World would only be real, it would only exist, if the planet Earth would explode in space and spread its pieces everywhere in the outer space. Outside of this, there isn’t and there won’t be the end of the world.

I make some comparisons that will better demonstrate the type of End of the World that the current so insecure humanity and in the hands of some manufacturers of wars and cataclysms so much expect. The End of The World occurred when the Egyptians invaded their neighboring lands and imprisoned and decimated their inhabitants. The same occurred when David invaded neighboring lands and allowed his soldiers to rape women and children and, as if nothing had happened and being responsible for nothing, would return to his tent in the desert and inspiringly wrote his Psalms, which nowadays serve as comfort for many people. It also occurred when the Hittite people invaded the old Turkey, copying its predecessors in wickedness and inhumanities. It occurred also when Rome invaded and seized the properties of its enemies, enslaving them, including the Greeks whom they called their countrymen, committing the most sordid atrocities against other peoples and later against the Christians, who were thrown to the lions as they watched and clapped their hands. It also occurred when the Mongol people slaughtered peoples and everything that went by. The End of The World also occurred for the Jews, victims of the holocaust of the second war, and also when the Japanese people received the atomic bombs in the head and most recently the Tsunami. The End of the World occurred for the victims of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, as it’s being in these moments for the victims of car-bombs, the ones that are being assassinated, the ones that are being run by cars, the ones that are in prison with life sentences or not, for the ones being subjugated by all sorts of drugs, without going further as there is no room in this article that I could explain so many “Ends of Worlds.” Therefore, indeed there will be the end of an age and the beginning of other new age, with new perspectives, new mental, physical, spiritual and moral standards. [There will be] New geological locations, resurgences of missing continents such as of Lemuria and Atlantis, and the disappearance of some peoples as occurred with the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Incas, Egyptians, the people of Easter Island and hundreds of others that had their “Ends of the World,” their collapsing Ages, and who left to us, the people of this Modern Age, their megalithic monuments as lesson for us to pay attention that one day everything changes, everything is recycled, and Nature — the Cosmic Central Core — God, through “Time — The Bacteria of the Universe” (a chapter in my second book, “The DNA of the Spirit and The Extraterrestrials”), is paying attention and to everything extends, being invincible in all quarters of the Universe, visible and invisible. The End of the World will always be to those of obtuse mind, small range, ignorant, wicked, exploiters of others’ good faith, usurpers and embezzlers of the economy of a people, dishonored politicians, and other public men who use and abuse their “positions of power” given to them by the people and for the people, and they think they will escape the Divine Justice. To those, the End of The World will be terrible and deadly!

Wherefore, THERE WON’T BE THE END OF THE WORLD, BUT THE END OF AN AGE, to the good of humanity in general. The chaff will be separated from the wheat, as it was foreseen for millennia by the great Avatar and by great clairvoyants. The garbage, the slag human will have their appropriate place in the new “dumps of space,” as has been the Earth until now!”

~ Domingos Yezzi, May 16, 2012 [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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