Everything on the physical plane has a copy, or "double" in the Astral

Everything on the physical plane has a copy, or "double" in the Astral


Mr. Domingos,

I’m reading your first book and in the chapter on the violinist Paganini you cite a detail that for long I’m curious to know. Please explain to me better: “We saw Paganini in the Astral at our house … and his inseparable Guarnerius …” referring to the violin. Question: Does a spirit in the astral [plane] recreate his favorite object with the same characteristics of the original or, through some unknown process, take the object with him and leave a copy here? Thank you.



Dear Rosa,

Thank you for your question.

As I am told and through the experiences I’ve had in my constant contact with the Astral, that is, the spiritual realm, or the energetic parallel world, which surrounds the Earth and consequently involves us all, everything that exists in our physical plane has its copy, or “double” in the Astral. Especially objects or things that accompany or followed one’s life. It is the case of Paganini, the great virtuoso who is not separated from his violin Guarnerius Del Gesu. He left his original here and it is found in a museum relative to him in his hometown in Italy. The original instrument is still used today by major concert artists that borrow it from the museum, for recordings and public concerts.

I must also remind that, when the human spirit leaves the physical body it does not disintegrate with death and becomes a “living” copy with all its details of anatomy and personality in the Astral, which is a true copy of what it was when alive. Not only Paganini, but this applies to any of us. I also say in the book that the Spirit, when disembodied, in perispiritual state is semi-material, despite being invisible to ordinary eyes, is thin, or quintessential matter, being able to become visible and tangible in certain situations. Therefore, the Spirit is still Matter, even though some religions say otherwise. It takes to the other side all remnants of its life in the flesh, such as addictions, wants, desires, diseases and malignancies.

In the mentioned case, he, Paganini, carries with him, energized, his violin in its essence, which can be touched and heard even better than the original because both Paganini and his Guarnerius are found in the same vibratory plane, therefore are vibrationally interconnected “ad perpetuum.” However, it is necessary here a particular and personal explanation: Wrong are those who think that everything will be found in the same vibrational level after his physical death. Example, when one loses a loved one and commits suicide thinking that he/she will join his/her loved one after death, [but] rarely joins immediately because each has his/her peculiar vibratory level, some vibrating higher and others lower and, after committing this folly, verify that his/her loved one is not where he/she expected to find, [and] becomes desperate and even mad spiritually, requiring a long energetic treatment in the spiritual plane by the spiritual entities made rescuers and accustomed to such situations, which are not rare, occurring since humans began to reason.

I hope I have clarified, otherwise write me again.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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More about Fesp, Elemental Beings, Death and Law of Attraction …

Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts


About the items answered:

  1. Ok, since Earth is more advanced than them (in Fesp), let’s say, for example, a scientist sends a probe to search for planets and just finds this planet Fesp. In case it approches, takes pictures, do analyzes on the planet, can we [then] see these beings as we are more evolved?
  2. Is there any case that you have knowledge of where someone has registered an Elemental Being and disclosed it to the media but did not know what it was? NOTE: There is a video on YouTube — as soon as I can I will send it to you — showing a being that lives in the sea that was recorded by two people. We can see the being, a bit bluish with webbed hands, looked like a mermaid.
  3. Let’s see if I understand and if you can, correct me: When we die, the physical body, depending on our spirit, if positively charged, we will go to a higher plane, if it is negative, and denpending on the degree of negativity, we will go to the lower astral?
  4. These evolved spirits of Earth, do they have knowledge of these beings from other worlds?

Thank you,
Luis Fernando


Dear Luiz,

I request that you gather the questions and do them all at once, because my time is short and I can not answer every time you write. Get the point? Thanks.

  1. Yes, in the case of Fesp, they would be normally sighted because they are in the third dimension.
  2. Yes, there have been several cases of Elementals [of Nature] registered, or by clairvoyance, or by photo, or by drawing, and this has been going on for centuries, but only now humanity is awakening to these cases. The mermaid, as well as the Iara or Yara, are water Elementals, one of the seas, the other of the rivers. They exist and have already been seen by many people.
  3. Yes, for each type of vibration, negative, more negative, positive, more positive, there is a parallel world, a kind of Astral consistent with their affinities. They are a kind of energy “pockets,” or sort of islands, or oases, which are situated on the “other side,” where their matches are attracted.
  4. I hope so, but not always because an evolution can occur only in the mental, spiritual, energetic level, and not always in the knowledge level. So there are spirits regarded as evolved, whose minds are open to such knowledge, but not always experience it, if they are even interested to know. And in the Universe always prevails Free Will, by which each achieves the progress that’s most affine.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Each ray… each ET…

Each ray... each ET...


How’s everything Domingos?

Quick question: What do the light beings refer to in messages channeled through people when they say “The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray”? Is each “ray” a branch of virtue in their specific dimensions?

Another quick question: The extraterrestrial beings live around 300 to 500 of our years, correct?

Hugs and much peace.


Hi Hector,

Each ray has a wavelength, therefore, each color as well. The same way is with every musical note, which also has its wavelength and color.

Each color has its meaning, not because it was baptized with that meaning, but rather because it is the result of that meaning. An example, the gold color has been detected in beings and people of high intelligence and in intellectuals as well as beings of refreshing positive energy. But this does not mean that the other colors do not have other meanings and their representations. There is intelligence in blue, in green, in white, in red and in other hues, but in some of them prevail goodness, love, creativity, renewal, altruism, coldness, neutrality and so on.

Here is another example that might be helpful to you and your friends and contacts: Beethoven composed his Symphony #6 and named it Pastoral, which means a demonstration of sounds, of what is the field, its farmers, its nature, its storm, finally, the terrestrial environment, which is why he composed in the key of F Major, which is a green tone! So even without hearing the sounds, due to his hearing loss, and also perhaps not being clairvoyant, but he knew, he felt. He could have chosen D Major, C Major, etc, but it would not match with what he intended to say, without being declared! You and all other readers will read my 4th book ready to be edited and entitled “In The Staff of Music,” “Psychophony – What the composer meant but did not declare.” Wait and I guarantee it will be amazing, and it will, unfortunately, upset those who judge themselves owners of the music!

As for the lifetime of Aliens, they live mostly over 300 of our years and some of them, like the ones from Saturn and Neptune, never die, and at a given time, thousands of our years, just shed their skin like our snakes shed their skins. There are no children among them and they are born already adults, because when they “reincarnate” their spirits are covered with the energies of their future parents. Even so, there is competition among women and men, or male and female element.

You may disclose to all, please.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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What are dreams?


I noticed that you’re an educated man and perhaps you can help me understand a dream …

Thank you,
Carmizeth M.


Dear Carmizeth,

Thank you for your email.

Without a doubt, my books are the result of many studies, experiments, and above all, personal experiences and not hearsay. I’m sure you’ll receive lots of new knowledge through them.

Certainly, what we call dream has its causes in some factors, such as physical exhaustion, stress, unresolved issues to one’s satisfaction, when we are in a watchful state, that is, awaken. In these cases, the body and the brain, although dormant, continue working tirelessly in search of solutions and, this search, causes the brain to walk out ways, such as the various types of fantasies. However, they remain static, motionless, sort of watching a private movie, where one scene leads to another and in the end, the person awakens more stressed than when he/she went to sleep. But, most dreams occur by “astral traveling,” when the spirit and the mind unconsciously come out [of the body] to roam around, attracted by unrestrained desires, problems needed to be resolved and many other issues, including attracted by one’s enemies, who mentally “call” them in order to take revenge or even him/herself sets out to find his/her victims, etc. These cases are called nightmares and are not scheduled in advance, they occur against one’s will and when he/she wakes up he/she may or may not remember some facts that leave them puzzled as they didn’t go to sleep with that intention, but it’s registered in their subconscious mind. They act mechanically, like a robot or zombie. Many times one is led to witness facts that will still happen, and that’s due to one’s paranormal sensitivity, brought from a recent or distant past, such as previous lives for example. Most humans and scholars are unaware that, those who died with grief or addicted to various drugs, “energetically” are still alive over the “other side!” And by affinity, necessity or revenge, they magnetize themselves, also through similar emotions or addictions, those who are left here, and these, inadvertently, provide fluids of their addictions, which are sucked in the form of essence for the continued and degrading feeding of those diseased entities, who, seeking to satiate their wishes and desires, enslave those they vampirize, leading them to even greater addictions and even crimes. Therefore, we are all fruits of our thoughts and actions, even if we think we are not being seen by anyone, apparently.

Another form is that of programmed dream, astral projection, conscious, when the person leaves the body and is attracted to places never visited before and not known to him/her. Many times they are seen in distant locations, while their physical body remain in their beds, quiet, but recording everything that happens to him/her in the distance. In these cases of “bi-location,” the double ether, along with the spirit, carry with them the ectoplasmic fluid, allowing them to be spotted by others as they materialize. These cases also include contacts with extraterrestrial beings and conscious astral travel.

I think I’ve stretched myself too much. Try reading my books and send new questions.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Will Jesus return?

Will Jesus return?


Hi Domingos, how’s everything?

I saw an interview with you (I believe in the Enigmas Show) where you say that Jesus will not return here on this planet, which, to me personally is irrelevant (since your revelations about Jesus Christ have put this issue of Christ/Christianity fully clarified and resolved within me, with no need to dwell on the subject), but I still have some friends and family members intolerably fanatics who follow these biblical “teachings” blindly and live in this vain hope. What could you tell me about this — why He will not return — so that I can share with others. I intend to translate this your answer also needed among the Americans.

Hugs and I’m very grateful in advance!
Christina Breault


Dear Christina,

I will reveal to you and to whoever wants to believe, however, the written proofs I have I do not wish to make public because they are personal and, as you’ve noticed, my revelations are incisive and decisive, and I would not want to cause other disturbances, at least at the moment.

I have messages, personal, in writing, with the heading and terminology in Aramaic, coming directly from Him, which I cherish with affection and, if I am already considered “somewhat out of orbit” for everything I’ve revealed in my books and on our website, imagine if I put forth everything I have personal to me.

He will not return, IN THE SENSE OF BEING REBORN IN A HUMAN BODY, by the end of the [coming] events*, because, first, he wouldn’t be crucified, but perhaps fusilladed, or tied to a car bomb, such are the animalistic desires that dominate the current humankind where factions kill in the name of religion and in the name of what he said or did not say. Second, if He returned physically, or even made a ghostly apparition, could mean for the more desperate the death throes of humanity, that is, the end without escape!

He knows that our humanity has a karma nothing positive, considering that, because of him, thousands of people died in the mouths of lions, [and] still dying in other ways until today and therefore he would not want again be the trigger for new and uncontrollable misfortunes among those people who act like the scorpion that when feeling cornered or faced with imminent danger stings himself with his own venom! So too are the actions of extraterrestrials that appear stealthily, here and there, taking one or another for a walk, because when they come at once in our skies it will mean that the time has come and it’s very close! Some [of them] who ventured or crashed into our planet were imprisoned and killed, massacred mercilessly! So would Jesus!


* After the general changes that Earth will have to go through, for when we have another humanity, he can come back as a new Avatar without being liquidated.

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Occupations and Longevity of Aliens

Occupations and Longevity of Aliens


  1. How is the day-to-day of an extraterrestrial population? What are their occupations?
  2. About the lifetime of an alien body, for what I understood in my readings, the extraterrestrials have a material body but not a physical body due to them being more advanced. Is there just an exchange of material body, for a clone of their own? Isn’t there a deterioration of their body?

A big hug…


  1. Almost all the evolved planets, that I have made known, their populations are objective. The planet is divided by sectors and not by countries, i.e., a sector only for productivity, another only for the medical field, another only for crop production, another sector for education which begins from birth until the end of the highest degree in training, without the need of preparatory courses and other ways of earning money for this eager youth to reach their diploma of high level. Everything envisioning the planet and the general population, without those earthly “isms” of capitalism, communism, revanchism, patriotism, religion, etc. There is a recycling of each inhabitant, i.e. who is a doctor, will become a farmer, producer of spaceships, producer of food and so on. There are no countries. There is a single country: the planet. In my fourth book, you and the others will read in more details.
  2. As it is explained in my book, the life of each being, be it terrestrial or extraterrestrial, is governed by its respective “habitat” and by the technical and scientific knowledge of the cells and molecules, and their genetics. The extraterrestrial beings of planets that are still in evolution, even being more advanced than Earth, are still in development and, therefore, have dense physical matter, but more keen than the beings of Earth. They indeed die, lose their body during a certain period of life, some beings with 250–300 years of our life, grow old and die, without diseases, but die. Others more advanced never die, they only exchange their shells, as as our snakes do, badly comparing. But they do not generate children through sex. They materialize the energetic body on those who will be their children and so on.


Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)

 Birth of The Divine Laws – Akhashic Records – Kharma – Dharma (Destinies)
Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Florida, USA

The Divine Justice

The Central Cosmic Core — God — in Its immense power and infinite wisdom, Him/Her/It him/her/itself fruit of millions, of billions of micro particles and each one containing Its own vibratory tonus, personal, individual and Its peculiar magnetic radiation, after billions of years for Its agglutination and, therefore, for Its intelligent formation, began Its propagation within Itself to the universal vastness of all undulatory and vibratory particles, respective to the peculiarity of each “habitat” and Its interior and exterior, Its “inhabitants,” ranging from the micro atoms of physical matter, visible, or condensed energy in the third dimension, passing through the Elements and their respective Elementals to the intelligent spark of the crudest human being and humanoid, in conformity to each respective “habitat”, its Suns and Planets, Galaxies and Quasars (Black Holes), nebulas and other components of the visible (Sidereal) and invisible (Cosmic) Universe.

These magnetized particles came forming the radioactive magnetic fields, resulting in the stimulation and the generation of the Light of the Galaxies and their billions of Suns and planets, also resulting in the isolation and grouping of their cells and, therefore, gave birth, or sprout, the Absolute Vacuum between the stellar bodies. Therefore, each Galactic grouping, each Solar System, each Planet and even the Quasars (Black Holes), by its own movement, systole and diastole, magnetic attraction and repulsion, negative and positive, has and always had around itself millions, billions, trillions and even more immeasurable distances of Absolute Vacuum in order to allow the unharmed, free passage of cosmic and magnetic radiation, in addition to the movements of expansion of the galaxies within the Universe, without them shocking with the each other and in continuous and infinite growth.

Therefore, without the existence of empty spaces, which are the belts of vacuums that ensure the turned off passage of radiating light, which rekindles only within each “habitat”, galaxies, suns and planets, there would not be the manifestation of Light and neither would be possible [for] interstellar journeys by interplanetary spaceships moved by magnetic energy. And these are the allied irradiations, or radiations, to the specific vibrations of each body, of each atom or particle within the Cosmic-Sidereal space that come to form or to produce THE COSMIC-SIDEREAL LAWS, THE AKHASHIC RECORDS, THE KHÁRMA, THE DHÁRMA (DESTINY) —THE DIVINE JUSTICE — embracing everything and everyone.

Thus, in this way, the whole Universe came to be magnetized, with its poles, Positive, Neutral and Negative, which will arbitrate upon those that produce light, promote Creation, the harmonisation, the expansion, the knowledge and the like, the possibility to raise their vibratory field, that would be the Posivite ones, that will arbitrate on those that are intermediaries only to facilitate the passage from one field to another. The Absolute Vacumms are the Neutral ones. Even in between the intra-atomic spaces, between the nucleus atom and its electrons, there are the neutrons, or the vacuum, which allows the passage of radiation from the nucleus to the electrons, and this atomic grouping forms the cells and these form a physical body. And these intra-atomic and intracellular radiations produce the physical or human heat in permanent 36.5°C, the same physical-chemistry ration that takes place in the Sun, which is a cold star (already mentioned in the book of this sensitive medium), as well as all the stars are cold Suns; will arbitrate on those who produce the shadows, the darkness, the destruction, the quasars (black holes), the diseases, the imbalances, the disharmony and are the antithesis of light, which are the Negative ones.

Therefore, after this phase of Creation, it was formed a circle, or a cosmic magnetic universal ring, invisible, vibratory giant, I would say, in size and scope, infinite, through which nothing passes or transpasses, when everything is filtered, barred and returned to each one as it was produced, according to Its actions, be It in whichever planet or sun It is within the universe, in any corner or nook, and even in the hidden privacy of Its mind. Everything returns to its producer, in weight, in quantity and intensity in the same proportion to what was produced. Like a gigantic radar, the waves it emits follow its target or reverberate around in the Great Magnetic Universal Ring and return to him/her, bringing in its wave beam all the affinities and animosities, positive, neutral or negative, exactly in the same intensity and proportion was they were produced. That is, there is no way these waves return to catch another radar transmitter, for this was who produced them and is in his/her same syntony. Everything will be unloaded on him/her, both good and evil, in time and in accurate measure. Distinguished only by the type of “habitat” in which he/she lives, that is, if the “habitat” is Earth, or similar to her, where the time of life, or the average life’s length, compared to other orbs, is relatively short, then he/she will be picked up in the next life, as many as necessary for his/her spiritual energy detoxification. Hence the sentence of the terrestrial Master-of- Masters: “Not one leaf shall fall without the Father knowing.” Everything is summed up in vibration, frequency, syntony, with the Main Source, the great universal broadcaster, whose dial (or channels or tracks switch) extends in all frequencies, medium, short, long, ultra short, modulated, from the micro frequency of the human brain as [from] the frequencies of the fauna and flora of any planet to the highest frequency within each universal “habitat” or “inhabitant,” from the center of the universe to the most distant regions of the universal periphery; capturing all of them and simultaneously emitting all of them, regardless of civilization advancements or regressions, neither creed, race, color or preferences, nor nationality and in our case I would say, “neither planetivity.” The name of this broadcaster, or central station of constant and eternal vibration, is CENTRAL COSMIC CORE, more commonly called between the earth beings as God, which has no face, countenance, feature, stature, neither eyes or mouth, nor human or humanoid biotype, It’s a immeasurable COSMIC SUN — A GREAT INTELLIGENT CORE.

This state of objective universal consciousness produces THE ETERNAL PRESENT, nullifying the Past, Present and Future. All that the human being can imagine to invent or create is already invented and created, already exists within the Cosmic Central Core and Its Laws, even the TIME which is universally inviolable and indivisible, is also already created, [and] only manifests itself with the emergence of the Human Intelligence in all the planets and its continued evolutionary progress!

Sent by KORPKENS, leader of the planet (Guestras) Neptune

Captured and written by Domingos Yezzi on December 8, 2012 at 7:00PM in São Paulo, Brazil

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on December 11, 2012 at 8:00PM in Lake City, Florida, USA

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