What are dreams?


I noticed that you’re an educated man and perhaps you can help me understand a dream …

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Carmizeth M.


Dear Carmizeth,

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Without a doubt, my books are the result of many studies, experiments, and above all, personal experiences and not hearsay. I’m sure you’ll receive lots of new knowledge through them.

Certainly, what we call dream has its causes in some factors, such as physical exhaustion, stress, unresolved issues to one’s satisfaction, when we are in a watchful state, that is, awaken. In these cases, the body and the brain, although dormant, continue working tirelessly in search of solutions and, this search, causes the brain to walk out ways, such as the various types of fantasies. However, they remain static, motionless, sort of watching a private movie, where one scene leads to another and in the end, the person awakens more stressed than when he/she went to sleep. But, most dreams occur by “astral traveling,” when the spirit and the mind unconsciously come out [of the body] to roam around, attracted by unrestrained desires, problems needed to be resolved and many other issues, including attracted by one’s enemies, who mentally “call” them in order to take revenge or even him/herself sets out to find his/her victims, etc. These cases are called nightmares and are not scheduled in advance, they occur against one’s will and when he/she wakes up he/she may or may not remember some facts that leave them puzzled as they didn’t go to sleep with that intention, but it’s registered in their subconscious mind. They act mechanically, like a robot or zombie. Many times one is led to witness facts that will still happen, and that’s due to one’s paranormal sensitivity, brought from a recent or distant past, such as previous lives for example. Most humans and scholars are unaware that, those who died with grief or addicted to various drugs, “energetically” are still alive over the “other side!” And by affinity, necessity or revenge, they magnetize themselves, also through similar emotions or addictions, those who are left here, and these, inadvertently, provide fluids of their addictions, which are sucked in the form of essence for the continued and degrading feeding of those diseased entities, who, seeking to satiate their wishes and desires, enslave those they vampirize, leading them to even greater addictions and even crimes. Therefore, we are all fruits of our thoughts and actions, even if we think we are not being seen by anyone, apparently.

Another form is that of programmed dream, astral projection, conscious, when the person leaves the body and is attracted to places never visited before and not known to him/her. Many times they are seen in distant locations, while their physical body remain in their beds, quiet, but recording everything that happens to him/her in the distance. In these cases of “bi-location,” the double ether, along with the spirit, carry with them the ectoplasmic fluid, allowing them to be spotted by others as they materialize. These cases also include contacts with extraterrestrial beings and conscious astral travel.

I think I’ve stretched myself too much. Try reading my books and send new questions.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Akashic Records

Akashic Records


“Good afternoon Domingos. 17 years ago I had some contacts through dreams with beings from other dimensions. As soon as I would fall asleep they would come in their vessel. My dream was so real that I had full assurance it was happening. We talked very much but I didn’t remember anything of the conversation when I woke up, [except] some things but very vague. They came as human beings and dressed with a silver [metallic looking] clothing very attached to their skin, they were three men and a woman… there was a black male and in a very bad mood, somewhat impatient, a little nervous, and the others always sported with him, joking around and conversing with him. The woman was very friendly with me, she had light hair and one day she told me that she was called Unvikmanuellite, and when I had this dream I was pregnant with my daughter already in the last month. Do you believe that the lady asked me to name the girl after her name? and I was going to do it but the father and the family wouldn’t let me saying that wasn’t a name, and I didn’t tell [them] anything about what was happening every nights neither where I came up with that name. Then I had a last contact with these beings when the lady asked me to give the girl this name, and she told me that we would have another contact but different than those, then I didn’t dream anymore. When I had the girl, a month later, I was seating watching television when I began to feel light, outside of myself, and I began to hear the voice of that lady, the same voice of my dreams, it wasn’t a human voice, it was different, prettier, and it began saying the letters Y X K V M L and she repeated about three times very slow, it seemed it was for me to record it, and she kept diminishing the voice until disappearing; I came back to normal thinking this, my GOD, it is a code, however to this day I don’t know what it means about these letters and reading your book about [akhashic] records, could it be?” — Posted with editor’s notes. Original authorship kept anonymous for privacy reasons.


“…Before arriving to conclusions from a distance like this, I would tell you that, these things don’t occur to any one, thereby the reason you must have been chosen, not because of your beautiful eyes or any other thing, but, by your previous [Akashic] records, which must include the purpose of your mission with them. We easily forget our commitments due to the dense physical life and the turbulences of earthly life. But they don’t forget and [they] return to remind us.

“Our minds, and our spirit, due to what I’ve explained above, seek to divert us from those realities and in often times produce the animism, which is when our personality is interposed between our brain and their brain, creating images and fantasies fitting of the moment in which we live. I want to believe not to be your case. I would even say, regarding the name of the girl, you could have “rounded” to Manoelita, [or] Manoela, which in addition to not being ugly, it could result in a kind of conductor for them. But, this is [of] less [importance]. I think that if you really have a mission with them, they will come back. You should not be afraid, just think positive that everything will result in positive. As for the black male that was with them, it may be the result of their crossbreeding with someone of Earth and that he was feeling annoyed to witness new crossbreeding. In this case, only you can tell, whether or not there was the case of your daughter. You need to tell me about how she is currently. Fear nothing, think in them or in the lady and allow them to present themselves to you and say what they want to do, to put an order in these your doubts and anxieties. But modesty apart, my books explain well. Hugs, and have this friend at your service.”

~ Domingos Yezzi

Translated by Christina C. Breault

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