Are there cities in a hollow Earth?

Are there cities in a hollow Earth?


“I’ve always said I do not believe in the existence of cities inside the Earth, and especially cities with extraterrestrial spaceships and unusual constructions, as has always been part of my question to my ET contacts who always respond that they come down with their ships in large caves, do their research and return to their planets. But I believe in the existence of infra-terrestrial cities in the Astral of Earth, the upper and lower parallel worlds of Earth. I think that those who believe in the physical existence of them are misinformed and based on ancient legends, which do not distinguish what is physical and what is energetic. If there were underground alien and evolved cities, for sure, they would have already put a stop on the underground experiments of atomic tests as certainly they would be affected. Furthermore, an ultra-advanced alien civilization would not give preference to reside in holes, rather than reside in the crust which would be much more feasible and more possibilities of escape.” ~ DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Is the Earth Hollow? ~//~ É a Terra Oca?

Is the Earth Hollow? ~//~ É a Terra Oca?

Em Português-Brasileiro

“A Terra Não é Oca! Essa é a informação que recebo, contudo ela possa ter grandes fendas, grandes cavernas como essa que é mostrada, muito menos possui civilizações adiantadas em seu interior, caso contrário, representantes dessas civilizações já teriam vindo à tona ou à crosta para impedirem tanta barbaridade, tantas experiências atômicas subterreneas, e tantas barbaridades sobre a crosta terrestre. Se entende como Terra Oca que não haja o núcleo de mágma. Se existe o mágma então como pode ser oca. No meu primeiro livro eu faço uma ligeira explanação a respeito. Não acredito que ela seja oca e nem que possua o mágma. Bem, e os vulcões?” ~ DYezzi

In American-English

“The Earth is Not Hollow! This is the information I receive, however, it may have great fractures, large caves like the one shown, much less has advanced civilizations in its interior, otherwise, representatives of these civilizations would have been already to the surface or the crust to prevent so much savagery, so many underground atomic experiences, and so many barbarities on the crust of Earth. It is understood as “Hollow Earth” that there is not the magma core. If there is the magma, then how can it be hollow? In my first book I make a brief explanation on it. I do not believe it is hollow neither that it has magma. Well… what about the volcanoes?” ~ DYezzi [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]