Numerology … 2 + 2 = 4.00000000000000000∞



Numerology, according to scholars who focus on their study, is the science of sound vibrations. Thus, man as a powerful center of energy manifestation, brings together all the lessons and experiences of the various kingdoms of nature. Each number represents a symbol. Normally, we do not theorize about the occult side of everything that happens to us. Why are we in the terrestrial globe witnessing or practicing horrors? In contrast, the Divine Mercy sends us spiritual luminaries to sooth our misfortunes. We must stop, at length, to reflect on what is happening in the country and the world and care to capture the best vibes to our orb through prayer. It’s what I think. I would like to learn more by analyzing other concepts on the fortunes and misfortunes we experience.



Dear Yaya Tekinha,

After Your Reverence’s philosophical exposition, by the way very well done, what I have to say is that the Universe is mathematical. The mathematics itself is universal, i.e., one plus one are two here on Earth, on Mars or any other planet, so it is a universal language that can bring understanding among peoples of all planets in all galaxies. The names may be others, the pronunciation another, but the result will be the same for everyone. The measure of the Pi [π] used by the Egyptians and other peoples of the Earth in ancient times, and even today, is the same for the entire universe. Only that each number has its own vibration and significant connotation according to the habitat where it was generated. On Earth is a vibration and every other planet is vibrating in accordance with the habitat, as well as each musical note, which also has its vibe and its color according to the habitat where it is generated; the same also occurring with plants and beings of their various kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal, including humans. For example: a Bach Sonata or any other composer that here on Earth has its tone, its vibrancy, its psychophysical connotation and other details governed by the terrestrial environment (habitat), on Mars may have others until they are not understood in the manner we hear and understand them, as well as their songs, to us, would also have other forms and meanings.

What I can add to your Reverence and all those who read us, is that the Creator and His* Universe is simply wonderful and indescribable, and I, by any nature’s breakdown or freak , am privileged to know and experience it. We need not go so far, if we all had the propriety and the possibility to visit our parallel worlds, that are right there beside us, and we would amazed see and feel the colors of the sounds, of the numbers, of the plants and of the creatures and everything else that make these worlds intertwined with ours, which for ignorance and spiritual and mental retardation (that does not occur with beings from other planets within their own habitats), we can appreciate and much less experience it, or we would be thrilled, dazzled, displaced people, as I get, at such an existing vibratory difference already between us and those fields, between our world and those worlds. It’s simply wonderful and indescribable! It would yield the writing of a thick book on this subject, [and] who knows one day I’ll be inspired to do it!

Hugs my Yaya Tekinha! In English, may “God Bless You!”


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Life in another dimension, Siderius …

Life in another dimension, Siderius ...


Good morning, Domingos.

I just read your book, “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials.” Very enlightening, but I was left with two questions:

  1. Could you tell me if the existing life on other planets in the solar system would be in this same dimension, that is, visible to our eyes?
  2. It is noticeable the changes in our planet and in people. We are in a phase of destruction, disaster and heinous crimes like never before. But it is also a moment of enlightenment and awareness of many. Probably because of the approaching of the astral body Siderius. I wonder if you have any information more recent about the possibility of sighting this astral body. Those chosen will be rescued by extraterrestrials before the final catastrophe?

Thank you,
Marcus M.


Dear Marcus,

Thank you for your email and questions.

  1. Incredible as it may seem, NASA, which would be the nearest source of scientific information to us have not mentioned anything so far, for it is not known which interests it has in not to disclose, nor do research within each planet except sending those slinky probes to Mars to target future conquests and not future friendships. From what I am told, in almost all the 12 planets in our solar system, life is three dimensional as ours. What varies a bit more to energetic life is on Neptune. The others are the same, with different “habitats” and lives, because “the inhabitant makes the habitat and the habitat makes the inhabitant!”
  2. All that is occurring on our planet had been predicted, because the sum of the negative doings of man ​​in the past would have irreparable results. Not only humans have a karma, [but] the Earth also has its own. The planet Earth and its humanity, unfortunately, are in their death throes, which will reach the apex when the passing through of big astral body Siderius in our solar system occurs, which approaches every day and is already being tracked by NASA. Some say already seeing it with the naked eye, at the bottom side of the Sun. The ETs are arriving from the most distant places in the Universe, with their gigantic ships, which are so large and having so much energetic power that they can not get too close to our cities otherwise they can cause complete shutdown of all electrical activities in our planet. So they park at the Sun, clearly inside the Sun. Yes, there will be a huge movement of rescue, but I can not say if only for the chosen and if there will even be any chosen. You can not evaluate the criteria used by them. As you know, here we have the chaff mixed with the wheat, and often family members with different behaviors. It will not be so easy for them to separate the good from the bad, innocent from bandits.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet?

What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet?


Those who believe in the hollow earth state that because is solid its gravity should be much higher. What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet? Take your time to reply and thank you in advance and a friendly hug.

Water Antonio


I’ll try to answer you in my language. Please use the translator to Portuguese-Brasileiro/Espanõl. OK?

Your question is difficult to answer because not even the scientists know, for they are totally unaware of how our planet is formed, if it’s hollow, and what is in its earthly and watery depths. They know very little in the relationship between the weight and mass of our planet. They make a cursory calculation of its total weight, as if it could be weighed on a gigantic scale. I ‘m not a scientist but I have enough knowledge to reason and put myself in contact with more evolved beings from other planets, who seek me, therefore, I go further saying that the Earth, with all this mass of land and water that possess, its weight in space, in Absolute Vacuum, is ZERO! Another one of my claims to let my interlocutors go crazy! But the reality is this. For the Creator, what we call Central-Cosmic-Core, in Its natural action is so wise that It can make the Sun, gigantic to us, rotate around a central magnetic point and the other planets, according to my statements in number of TWELVE, and their dozens of Natural Satellites, rotate each in their respective orbits without falter and all revolving around the Sun and its central magnetic point, magnificent, indelible and wonderfully independent of each other, without prejudice to their civilizations and the lives that are inside of them! As you will notice, it is not only Shakespeare who said, “There are more mysteries in between heaven and earth than your vain philosophy can imagine,” but I also say the same!

This knocks out Newton’s Law, which says: Mass attracts mass in relation to the square of the distances.” May Newton and his followers forgive me, but mass does not attract mass, not to the square nor to the round of the distances, because if he was right, Jupiter, which is gigantic and will become a new Sun during the major planetary changes that will occur in the future, would already have been attracted by the Sun, going over Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. But it does not occur for millions of years. Why? Because what attracts or repels are the magnetic poles of each of them, which within the total vacuum are the only forces plus the Light that can keep them all spinning in space. Whilst the artificial satellites put in space by science, who “claims” to obey Newton’s Laws, occasionally plummet “wiggling ” on the head of the humans, while the Moon remains in its orbit, beautiful and handsome and even gives us demonstrations of its lunar phases so influential in life on Earth.

I invite you to read my books, if possible, and search my website so brilliantly managed by our dear Christina!


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts

Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts

The distances and the diameters of the planets up to Mars coincide with the information that science gives us, however, from Jupiter to Fesp there are some differences, which, as I am informed, are the results of the science’s more imprecise measurements for lack of the landmarks of the Earth in Space.  Additionally, I’ll include here the name of my contacts and their respective planets for the scholar readers to analyze the differences of names, [but] only in our [own] writing and phonetic, [and] I’ll not mention the pronunciation because it would become tiring. Nonetheless, each reader will be able to mentally visualize and tune to these names and their planets and try to contact them. This is free and it will be possible according to the mental potential of each one.

Name of The Planet in Our Language

Original Name of The Planet

Diameter of the Planet (Ø) in Kilometers

Average Distance from The Sun in Million Kilometers

Name of the Contact or Commander of the Ship of Each Planet

Sun Stáxe


Mercury Orníe



Venus Godi-ïes



Terra Terra



Mars Verchs



Jupiter Silk





Without ring



With ring


Ring thickness


(Yet not detected) Äga



Uranus * Nekatutôen



(Not detected) Oswen



Neptune Guestras



Pluto Eltron



(Not detected) Fesp



(Kromíl of Pluto)
Moon Lua



(Not inhabited)
Clarion Clarion



Second Moon of the Earth and it’s called Dark Moon and it serves as orbital station for the ETs
* At the time that I received the information on Uranus I did not ask about the possible ring that science later discovered
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts. Image produced by CC Publications

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Message from Hecloss

Mensagem de Hécloss (Figura 1)
Mensagem de Hécloss (Figura 1)


Every man, even the most humble, has within himself something to offer to humanity and the Universe. It is therefore, to the spirits of more lucid ideals, the duty to wake up the minds of these humble ones with actions and teachings. Man is the instrument of the Universe.  Therefore, we, beings of extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to do everything to get to you.

There you have it, [my] friend, the message from my extraterrestrial father as “souvenir” and “world premiere”, specially written directly on a plain correspondence as evidence of the good intentions “of beings more evolved than us”.

Publish it!

[The above quotation is] One of the received messages shorthanded by Domings Yezzi, coming from Mars.

Domingos Yezzi, the author, declares:

This book was written for the “panoramic minds”, minds in opening of 360 degrees; free of preconceived ideas and foolish prejudices, fears and taboos; for those minds that, prior to pre-judgment, analyze, study and draw their conclusions, explaining them to everyone.

As the great Galileo Galilee said: “Eppur si muove“, which means …And yet it moves … That is, whether the Church wanted or not, the Earth would continue to move around the Sun!  And I, who relies on Eternity, also say: All this exists, whether some want to accept it or not. Time will tell!  “Those who live and those who do not live will see.”