Message from Hecloss

Mensagem de Hécloss (Figura 1)
Mensagem de Hécloss (Figura 1)


Every man, even the most humble, has within himself something to offer to humanity and the Universe. It is therefore, to the spirits of more lucid ideals, the duty to wake up the minds of these humble ones with actions and teachings. Man is the instrument of the Universe.  Therefore, we, beings of extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to do everything to get to you.

There you have it, [my] friend, the message from my extraterrestrial father as “souvenir” and “world premiere”, specially written directly on a plain correspondence as evidence of the good intentions “of beings more evolved than us”.

Publish it!

[The above quotation is] One of the received messages shorthanded by Domings Yezzi, coming from Mars.

Domingos Yezzi, the author, declares:

This book was written for the “panoramic minds”, minds in opening of 360 degrees; free of preconceived ideas and foolish prejudices, fears and taboos; for those minds that, prior to pre-judgment, analyze, study and draw their conclusions, explaining them to everyone.

As the great Galileo Galilee said: “Eppur si muove“, which means …And yet it moves … That is, whether the Church wanted or not, the Earth would continue to move around the Sun!  And I, who relies on Eternity, also say: All this exists, whether some want to accept it or not. Time will tell!  “Those who live and those who do not live will see.”