Numerology … 2 + 2 = 4.00000000000000000∞



Numerology, according to scholars who focus on their study, is the science of sound vibrations. Thus, man as a powerful center of energy manifestation, brings together all the lessons and experiences of the various kingdoms of nature. Each number represents a symbol. Normally, we do not theorize about the occult side of everything that happens to us. Why are we in the terrestrial globe witnessing or practicing horrors? In contrast, the Divine Mercy sends us spiritual luminaries to sooth our misfortunes. We must stop, at length, to reflect on what is happening in the country and the world and care to capture the best vibes to our orb through prayer. It’s what I think. I would like to learn more by analyzing other concepts on the fortunes and misfortunes we experience.



Dear Yaya Tekinha,

After Your Reverence’s philosophical exposition, by the way very well done, what I have to say is that the Universe is mathematical. The mathematics itself is universal, i.e., one plus one are two here on Earth, on Mars or any other planet, so it is a universal language that can bring understanding among peoples of all planets in all galaxies. The names may be others, the pronunciation another, but the result will be the same for everyone. The measure of the Pi [π] used by the Egyptians and other peoples of the Earth in ancient times, and even today, is the same for the entire universe. Only that each number has its own vibration and significant connotation according to the habitat where it was generated. On Earth is a vibration and every other planet is vibrating in accordance with the habitat, as well as each musical note, which also has its vibe and its color according to the habitat where it is generated; the same also occurring with plants and beings of their various kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal, including humans. For example: a Bach Sonata or any other composer that here on Earth has its tone, its vibrancy, its psychophysical connotation and other details governed by the terrestrial environment (habitat), on Mars may have others until they are not understood in the manner we hear and understand them, as well as their songs, to us, would also have other forms and meanings.

What I can add to your Reverence and all those who read us, is that the Creator and His* Universe is simply wonderful and indescribable, and I, by any nature’s breakdown or freak , am privileged to know and experience it. We need not go so far, if we all had the propriety and the possibility to visit our parallel worlds, that are right there beside us, and we would amazed see and feel the colors of the sounds, of the numbers, of the plants and of the creatures and everything else that make these worlds intertwined with ours, which for ignorance and spiritual and mental retardation (that does not occur with beings from other planets within their own habitats), we can appreciate and much less experience it, or we would be thrilled, dazzled, displaced people, as I get, at such an existing vibratory difference already between us and those fields, between our world and those worlds. It’s simply wonderful and indescribable! It would yield the writing of a thick book on this subject, [and] who knows one day I’ll be inspired to do it!

Hugs my Yaya Tekinha! In English, may “God Bless You!”


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Everything on the physical plane has a copy, or "double" in the Astral

Everything on the physical plane has a copy, or "double" in the Astral


Mr. Domingos,

I’m reading your first book and in the chapter on the violinist Paganini you cite a detail that for long I’m curious to know. Please explain to me better: “We saw Paganini in the Astral at our house … and his inseparable Guarnerius …” referring to the violin. Question: Does a spirit in the astral [plane] recreate his favorite object with the same characteristics of the original or, through some unknown process, take the object with him and leave a copy here? Thank you.



Dear Rosa,

Thank you for your question.

As I am told and through the experiences I’ve had in my constant contact with the Astral, that is, the spiritual realm, or the energetic parallel world, which surrounds the Earth and consequently involves us all, everything that exists in our physical plane has its copy, or “double” in the Astral. Especially objects or things that accompany or followed one’s life. It is the case of Paganini, the great virtuoso who is not separated from his violin Guarnerius Del Gesu. He left his original here and it is found in a museum relative to him in his hometown in Italy. The original instrument is still used today by major concert artists that borrow it from the museum, for recordings and public concerts.

I must also remind that, when the human spirit leaves the physical body it does not disintegrate with death and becomes a “living” copy with all its details of anatomy and personality in the Astral, which is a true copy of what it was when alive. Not only Paganini, but this applies to any of us. I also say in the book that the Spirit, when disembodied, in perispiritual state is semi-material, despite being invisible to ordinary eyes, is thin, or quintessential matter, being able to become visible and tangible in certain situations. Therefore, the Spirit is still Matter, even though some religions say otherwise. It takes to the other side all remnants of its life in the flesh, such as addictions, wants, desires, diseases and malignancies.

In the mentioned case, he, Paganini, carries with him, energized, his violin in its essence, which can be touched and heard even better than the original because both Paganini and his Guarnerius are found in the same vibratory plane, therefore are vibrationally interconnected “ad perpetuum.” However, it is necessary here a particular and personal explanation: Wrong are those who think that everything will be found in the same vibrational level after his physical death. Example, when one loses a loved one and commits suicide thinking that he/she will join his/her loved one after death, [but] rarely joins immediately because each has his/her peculiar vibratory level, some vibrating higher and others lower and, after committing this folly, verify that his/her loved one is not where he/she expected to find, [and] becomes desperate and even mad spiritually, requiring a long energetic treatment in the spiritual plane by the spiritual entities made rescuers and accustomed to such situations, which are not rare, occurring since humans began to reason.

I hope I have clarified, otherwise write me again.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

[box type=”note”]Texto Original: Tudo no plano físico tem cópia, ou “duplo” no Astral[/box]

Each ray… each ET…

Each ray... each ET...


How’s everything Domingos?

Quick question: What do the light beings refer to in messages channeled through people when they say “The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray”? Is each “ray” a branch of virtue in their specific dimensions?

Another quick question: The extraterrestrial beings live around 300 to 500 of our years, correct?

Hugs and much peace.


Hi Hector,

Each ray has a wavelength, therefore, each color as well. The same way is with every musical note, which also has its wavelength and color.

Each color has its meaning, not because it was baptized with that meaning, but rather because it is the result of that meaning. An example, the gold color has been detected in beings and people of high intelligence and in intellectuals as well as beings of refreshing positive energy. But this does not mean that the other colors do not have other meanings and their representations. There is intelligence in blue, in green, in white, in red and in other hues, but in some of them prevail goodness, love, creativity, renewal, altruism, coldness, neutrality and so on.

Here is another example that might be helpful to you and your friends and contacts: Beethoven composed his Symphony #6 and named it Pastoral, which means a demonstration of sounds, of what is the field, its farmers, its nature, its storm, finally, the terrestrial environment, which is why he composed in the key of F Major, which is a green tone! So even without hearing the sounds, due to his hearing loss, and also perhaps not being clairvoyant, but he knew, he felt. He could have chosen D Major, C Major, etc, but it would not match with what he intended to say, without being declared! You and all other readers will read my 4th book ready to be edited and entitled “In The Staff of Music,” “Psychophony – What the composer meant but did not declare.” Wait and I guarantee it will be amazing, and it will, unfortunately, upset those who judge themselves owners of the music!

As for the lifetime of Aliens, they live mostly over 300 of our years and some of them, like the ones from Saturn and Neptune, never die, and at a given time, thousands of our years, just shed their skin like our snakes shed their skins. There are no children among them and they are born already adults, because when they “reincarnate” their spirits are covered with the energies of their future parents. Even so, there is competition among women and men, or male and female element.

You may disclose to all, please.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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