Can I see the unknown planets with my telescope?

Can I see the unknown planets with my telescope?Question:

Forgive my naivety, it’s the first time I have heard of this [that there are 12 planets in our solar system]. Is it possible to view these extra planets through my telescope?

By Drew Bourdain


Dear Readers,

Those who perchance have potent or even homemade telescopes, could argue, “If I can see Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with my simple telescope, why cannot I see those mentioned planets by Yezzi and also the second natural satellite of Earth called Clarion?

For the simple fact that those planets, due to their planetary composition and region, do not reflect sunlight. So Clarion, which lies behind the Moon and it does the same route and is distant by a million miles from Earth, also does not reflects sunlight. To be seen, a telescope from the dark side of the Moon would need to be placed, and so the other planets could be spotted if science, rather than making the Hubble telescope and others playing to find distant galaxies, began to scour our Solar System in the distances suggested by me. The same can be done by anyone who has the time and patience to sift through our Solar System. I remember that Pluto was only discovered by an observation of a lag in the orbit of Neptune, and despite some retrograde scientists, it remains one of the 12 planets in our Solar System!

I take this opportunity to add that my administrator and competent translator, Christina, is not without reason when she says that there are vested interests behind the veiled non-disclosure of the existence of three yet undiscovered planets, because at the time of Galileo Galilei, which was forced to retract, but said: ” Si Epur Muove,” that is, the earth keeps moving around the sun, whether you want to or not! He was threatened to be burned in the “holy fires” that had already burned the precursor idea of the great Catholic priest Copernicus and the other not less great Giordano Bruno, another intelligence that the “black gaggers” tried to silence.

Hugs from DYezzi::.  [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet?

What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet?


Those who believe in the hollow earth state that because is solid its gravity should be much higher. What should be the relation of weight and mass on our planet? Take your time to reply and thank you in advance and a friendly hug.

Water Antonio


I’ll try to answer you in my language. Please use the translator to Portuguese-Brasileiro/Espanõl. OK?

Your question is difficult to answer because not even the scientists know, for they are totally unaware of how our planet is formed, if it’s hollow, and what is in its earthly and watery depths. They know very little in the relationship between the weight and mass of our planet. They make a cursory calculation of its total weight, as if it could be weighed on a gigantic scale. I ‘m not a scientist but I have enough knowledge to reason and put myself in contact with more evolved beings from other planets, who seek me, therefore, I go further saying that the Earth, with all this mass of land and water that possess, its weight in space, in Absolute Vacuum, is ZERO! Another one of my claims to let my interlocutors go crazy! But the reality is this. For the Creator, what we call Central-Cosmic-Core, in Its natural action is so wise that It can make the Sun, gigantic to us, rotate around a central magnetic point and the other planets, according to my statements in number of TWELVE, and their dozens of Natural Satellites, rotate each in their respective orbits without falter and all revolving around the Sun and its central magnetic point, magnificent, indelible and wonderfully independent of each other, without prejudice to their civilizations and the lives that are inside of them! As you will notice, it is not only Shakespeare who said, “There are more mysteries in between heaven and earth than your vain philosophy can imagine,” but I also say the same!

This knocks out Newton’s Law, which says: Mass attracts mass in relation to the square of the distances.” May Newton and his followers forgive me, but mass does not attract mass, not to the square nor to the round of the distances, because if he was right, Jupiter, which is gigantic and will become a new Sun during the major planetary changes that will occur in the future, would already have been attracted by the Sun, going over Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. But it does not occur for millions of years. Why? Because what attracts or repels are the magnetic poles of each of them, which within the total vacuum are the only forces plus the Light that can keep them all spinning in space. Whilst the artificial satellites put in space by science, who “claims” to obey Newton’s Laws, occasionally plummet “wiggling ” on the head of the humans, while the Moon remains in its orbit, beautiful and handsome and even gives us demonstrations of its lunar phases so influential in life on Earth.

I invite you to read my books, if possible, and search my website so brilliantly managed by our dear Christina!


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts

Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts

The distances and the diameters of the planets up to Mars coincide with the information that science gives us, however, from Jupiter to Fesp there are some differences, which, as I am informed, are the results of the science’s more imprecise measurements for lack of the landmarks of the Earth in Space.  Additionally, I’ll include here the name of my contacts and their respective planets for the scholar readers to analyze the differences of names, [but] only in our [own] writing and phonetic, [and] I’ll not mention the pronunciation because it would become tiring. Nonetheless, each reader will be able to mentally visualize and tune to these names and their planets and try to contact them. This is free and it will be possible according to the mental potential of each one.

Name of The Planet in Our Language

Original Name of The Planet

Diameter of the Planet (Ø) in Kilometers

Average Distance from The Sun in Million Kilometers

Name of the Contact or Commander of the Ship of Each Planet

Sun Stáxe


Mercury Orníe



Venus Godi-ïes



Terra Terra



Mars Verchs



Jupiter Silk





Without ring



With ring


Ring thickness


(Yet not detected) Äga



Uranus * Nekatutôen



(Not detected) Oswen



Neptune Guestras



Pluto Eltron



(Not detected) Fesp



(Kromíl of Pluto)
Moon Lua



(Not inhabited)
Clarion Clarion



Second Moon of the Earth and it’s called Dark Moon and it serves as orbital station for the ETs
* At the time that I received the information on Uranus I did not ask about the possible ring that science later discovered
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts
Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts. Image produced by CC Publications

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