Morally unevolved ETs, true?

Morally unevolved ETs, true?


Dear Yezzi, is it is true that some ETs are scientifically evolved and yet morally unevolved? [If yes] How can it be? I thought they were restricted to just their world, that when were about to harm other humanities there would be an interference.

Nelson K.


Dear Nelson,

At the beginning of my contacts I thought so too, but with the passage of time and my travels with those who accompany me, I learned that the universe is a big waterless Ocean, where there are stubby, smart fishes, well equipped with general knowledge and highly spiritualized, owners of unparalleled science and others, because of the facilities of their “habitats” have achieved extraordinary technical and scientific knowledge and, perhaps for that reason, have forgotten their spiritual part, because they failed to solve their deadlocks, their problems, using only their sciences. It did not give them universal powers, but just highlighted them within their own “habitat” and when they venture out to other universal corners, they face more powerful beings than them, in mind and spirit, therefore, they become somewhat inferior before those who, due to their larger reach of cosmic scope, protect the needy as the inhabitants of Earth and other planets in their infancy. However, occasionally, some of those “sidereal patricians” escape the vigilance of the guards, attracted by warlike, macabre, belligerent and negative minds of many inhabitants of the earth, forming a sort of interplanetary channel, and come here to practice a series of arbitrary acts contrary to our customs and Cosmic purposes, making the rest of the population to think they are unprotected and deprived of God, in the hands of those beings. But, I assure all who read this post, they will not go unpunished and that things happen, or rather, only happen to those who have a karma in relation to the facts. Therefore, we must not forget that each of us has our destiny traced and we are fruits of our past actions, even if remote. There is no Divine injustice, to the contrary, the Law of Action and Reaction is followed closely in all quadrants of the universe.


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Are there ETs in the form of animals?

Are there ETs in the form of animals?


Hi Domingos,

I have seen some stuff on the internet and I am extremely doubtful that even made ​​me create a theory! The question is: Are there extraterrestrial beings in the form of animals such as dogs, lions, birds, frogs, etc.? And on top of that are evolved to the point of not only reasoning but also having their own flying ships? …



Hi Hector,

In the Universe exist beings of all types. There are beings who have no human or animal form, and they are only a “flying mass,” which means that everything works according to what I have explained in my book: “The habitat makes the inhabitant, and the inhabitant makes the habitat.” That says it all.

The technical, mental and spiritual evolution does not depend on the physical form. In fact, each spark, or soul, “adjust according to the place she is born.”


[Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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Extraterrestrial visitors… DNA… crossing with humans… Pygmies…

Extraterrestrial visitors... DNA... crossing with humans... Pygmies...


Sent by João Paulo Neto

  • How many extraterrestrial civilizations have already had contact with us since ancient times?
  • Is there truly a project of mixture of our DNA with the Greys? If yes, why are they doing that? Where are the generated hybrid beings going and what is their function?
  • Excluding the Greys, is there some other alien race in contact with us today?


You must not forget that the universe is very ancient — I always joke saying, “it is older than God!” Lol!

Therefore, many millions of years before us, other planets, with their respective habitats and their inhabitants, existed before us and were able to achieve the universal progress and knowledge of the need for proliferation of the same knowledge to other worlds and humanities and ascension. In this way, the “homosapiens” were already receiving the visit of other beings more advanced mentally and scientifically from various corners of the universe, who have always had the intention to teach those of less knowledge and lesser physical, social and scientific advancement, as the first inhabitants of the Earth were. They indeed visited and exchanged information and intimacy between women and men, both from them to us and from us to them. [They performed] What I call of “sanguine and morphological injection” to give genetic evolution both to the human race as to the extraterrestrials. As the primates of Earth began being sexualized, that is, having male and female [organs], this type of procedure was done, and is still done, only now with less frequency by advanced beings also sexualized, whose procreation may only be made by sexual insemination. There are in the universe, and in some planets of our solar system, very advanced beings whose procreation is asexual, i.e. through the mind. Beings of that suit, badly comparing, would be as our snakes that only exchange their skin and remain alive and more young. They are beings that live for millennia to accomplish a new exchange of physical body and their children or descendants, although there are male and female, are generated by the power of the mind between the couple that materializes the new physical body on the reencarnanting spirit. It is very complex to explain in a few lines. Read my books. In the fourth book that I’m writing, I get into more details. There are thousands of alien races that have already entered and still enter in physical contact with the terrestrial human beings, not only the so-called Greys. An example of such contact and the result of other races on Earth are the Pygmies, which are the result of crossing with beings from the planet Mercury, which are short, very agile and intelligent. In addition, their “blowpipe” weapon, in which arrows are poisoned to hunt or defend themselves, are of Mercurian origin except that there they use it as sport.

Yes, there is the process and not a project of crossing their DNA with the human race. It’s known, and you might notice in terrestrial races that do not allow miscegenation, the weakening of human biotype, or degeneration — not the case for us Brazilians, who accept all kinds of miscegenation. I will not mention the races that display degeneration to avoid controversy, but it should be noted that those who so act, are discolored, pale and the biotype is almost always the same in appearance, although maintaining intelligence and wisdom. The extraterrestrials, who almost always are fruits of a single race between them, when they realize the possibility or the danger of this degeneration, they bring here their women to be fertilized by the men of Earth, or their men to fertilize our women. There are intelligence combined with genetic engineering, so they are forced to seek out new DNAs, but their sciences have command in separating undesirable DNA, therefore, they only fortify their race or ours. The fruits of these crossings will be the future procreators in their world and ours. Nothing more than that!

Yes, there are many beings in touch with us today, secretly, because the human being is afraid even of its own shadow and all that is unknown. But you can be sure, none of them, absolutely none, has bad intention with the terrestrial humanity, quite the contrary!

There are a number of rumors about reptilian beings, in my view fruit of creative imagination, although well intended by some, but they never showed these beings alive, neither in photography. Of course the universe is a large, huge ocean in which there are many types of fish, a huge range in variation of life and behavior, but there are universal laws that control all beings, which everyone, be they who or what they are, are subject to.

Please share this information, as many as you are thirsty for knowledge and did not have the same access, or privilege!


Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault

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